The Perfect Time Clock For Your Business

MinuteHound: The Perfect Time Clock

Having the perfect time clock for your business can make a big difference and lead to significant cost savings. If you are considering how to best track time for your employees, take a look at MinuteHound. MinuteHound is an advanced time clock system that could be the ideal match for your business’s needs. With MinuteHound time clock, you’ll never need to worry about time theft or time card fraud. MinuteHound uses a unique system to ensure that every clock in and clock out is tracked to an individual employee. Because this time clock uses biometric fingerprint technology, you’re always certain that every clock in is attributed to the unique employee involved. With MinuteHound, buddy punching or altered time sheets are a thing of the past in your workplace.

MinuteHound is not only a better solution for you, it’s also a great choice for your employees. No longer does anyone need to fumble with time cards or worry about getting approval on a time sheet. Instead, an employee just places their finger on the time clock scanner and they’re clocked in and ready to work within seconds. With this time clock, no matter where you are, you’ll never be far from the office. Because MinuteHound is cloud-based, you can log in from anywhere in the world with an internet connection for an instant live time and attendance report. Even more than that, you can receive an email or text message every time an employee is late or leaves early.

Use MinuteHound’s Time Clock for Perfect Payroll

With MinuteHound, you’ll also find that your payroll routine is considerably lightened. You won’t need to keep on hand filing cabinets of old time cards or time sheets. Instead, all of your time clock data will be accessible with a simple click and a download. You will also eliminate manual data entry from your process. No longer will payroll involve paging through piles of time cards and time sheets. With just a click, your payroll process will be complete.

The MinuteHound time clock is also safe and secure. It uses 128-bit encryption, the industry standard, to protect you from hackers and malware. In addition, MinuteHound never keeps fingerprints on file, so you know your personal data is safe. If your business wants to go green, MinuteHound is an excellent choice. You won’t need time cards, time sheets or other paper inventory. Instead, this simple cloud-based time clock saves time, money and the environment. The system costs most users only pennies each day.

Time Clock with No Risks

It’s easy to get started with MinuteHound. The software is easy to use for every business owner, and there is no learning curve or special training required for this software. You don’t need to be an IT expert; any business can just plug-and-play and get started with MinuteHound. Try this software today and find out how the perfect time clock can work for you.

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