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A No Problem Time Clock To Help Monitor Employee Movement

When you’re an employer, manager, or CEO, you have far too many things on your plate already without having to worry about babysitting your employees to ensure that they’re where they should be at the right time. With most time clock systems, there’s a lot of number crunching and paperwork that goes into payroll. With MinuteHound’s new system, though, the time clock does all the work for you!

Problem Time Clock Issues
With traditional hard-copy punch systems, employees simply stamp a time card that inputs the time that they arrive and leave work. The employer or payroll manager then has to collect, organize, process, and record all the information from every employee’s time card. These problem time clock systems can really add a lot of unnecessary issues to the work week. Luckily, though, MinuteHound’s system has worked to combat a few of them. Here’s how they resolve some of the issues with their no problem time clock system.

MinuteHound’s No Problem Time Clock Solutions!
Since many time clock systems are so problematic, MinuteHound has come up with solutions to some of the biggest issues. Here’s a few of the solutions they offer!

Issue: Buddy Punching – Employees clocking their friends and coworkers in or out to cover up tardiness, early leaving, or no-shows
Solution: MinuteHound’s system is entirely based on fingerprint scanning. The employees can’t clock in or out without their fingerprint, so the buddy punching is no longer possible.

Internet Based Time TrackingIssue: Paperwork – Shuffling and inputting data from all the employee timecards can really add up to a lot of time spent on a tedious task
Solution: The cloud-based high tech system automatically uploads the information to the internet, creates charts at the click of a mouse, and is accessible at any time from any location.

Issue: Employees Not Sticking To The Schedule – Tardiness, unapproved overtime, no-shows, and unapproved shift swapping are all problems that can be hard to manage or track if employers/managers aren’t on site.
Solution: MinuteHound comes with an automated alert system to tell you when employees are late, have missed a day, or there are too many or too few people clocked in at one time.

MinuteHound Provides No Problem Time Clock Solutions To Improve Your Business
Whether you’re looking for a way to cut back on time theft through buddy punching or simply a way to consolidate the amount of work that managers have to do for payroll, the MinuteHound system’s no problem time clock can be the solution you’ve been waiting for!

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