Time And Attendance Terminals Benefit Employees And Employers

Biometric Time and Attendance Terminals Improve Office Efficiency

Setting up time and attendance terminals throughout your workplace has many benefits. Employees get to work faster, leave work on time, and improve reporting. By having your staff clock-in and out of work using fingerprints, your saving money. When using fingerprints, cheating and fudging numbers no longer happens. Your staff will have to end bad habits, and form new positive ones. Instead of wasting another penny on employees who aren’t present, set up time and attendance terminals.

Creating time and attendance terminals is easy with the help of MinuteHound’s fingerprint scanning system. When you check out the different packages available, you’ll see that this system is affordable for everyone. At the front or rear of the building where employees walk in, set up time and attendance terminals. If you decide to purchase multiple scanners for a larger business, you can be more efficient with multiple time and attendance terminals. It’s an easy system to use, which allows employees to get the hang of it very quickly. Within practically no time, employees will be filing in, scanning their fingerprints and getting right on to work.

Time And Attendance Terminals Are Safe And Easy To Use

Another reason that setting up time and attendance terminals is a good idea relates to the fact that employees are concerned about their privacy. Fortunately, MinuteHound’s system uses 128-bit encryption to ensure that employees’ fingerprints are kept private. No one would be able to steal fingerprints with this system. There is no fooling or tricking this system. By using time and attendance terminals, modern technology works for you.

128-Bit Data Encryption Keeps Information SafeHowever, some employees might request even more privacy. Know that MinuteHound’s time and attendance terminals store nothing on site. All information is kept safely at an offsite location. Fire, theft, water or any other type of damage will never happen. By using this system, you take away all risk. Peace of mind for you, and your staff.

MinuteHound’s Time And Attendance Terminals

With MinuteHound, you never have to worry about extra costs or hidden fees. Matter of fact, when you purchase your scanner shipping is free. If you ever decide to return it, return shipping is also free! There is no risk by trying out time and attendance terminals. You have so much to gain, with nothing to lose. Most clients who make the switch, don’t know how they got along without it. Leave stress at home and focus on your business. Use time and attendance terminals to save time, money, and spark a positive change in your office. Try it today risk free. You will be so glad you did!

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