Time And Attendance Management System: List Of Features, Benefits

MinuteHound: The Time and Attendance Management System

Employees stealing time from the workplace is a problem so old that no one can tell exactly where it began. At some point, people became aware that they could get paid the same to do less work. This normally occurs when a person gets a friend to “clock in” for them or they “clock out” before their shift is over. Now, those bad habits are over. The time and attendance management system eliminates payroll abuse. Errors are gone, and mistakes are corrected.

A traditional time and attendance management system uses punch based or printed cards. This is where the term “punching the clock” comes from. These systems are easy to fool. Mistakes are made in accounting because of the hassles involved in managing these paper cards.

MinuteHound aims to fix these problems by changing time clocks into one automatic device. Though some workers know ways to change the clock on the time managing PC, MinuteHound stores all events on a remote “cloud” server. There are many advantages to this time and attendance management system based approach, just some of which are found here.

EASE AND SECURITY OF MANAGEMENT: There are no paper slips to store or to lose. All data is stored in a safe, coded format on a remote server where it cannot be tampered with.

REMOTE ACCESS: An employer can access events, reports, and records in the time and attendance management system from any computer. The computer can be anywhere. Smart phones can also do this. These files can be accessed by a manager from any mobile device.

SECURITY: Using state of the art encryption, MinuteHound uses secure 128-bit encryption for all data transfers. Images are never stored. As a result, all data is kept away from prying eyes. Privacy and peace of mind is guaranteed.

AUTOMATION: Because MinuteHound’s time and attendance management system is automatic, it can inform a boss when his employees arrive late or leave early. These messages are sent via SMS text or email.

SUPPORT: The MinuteHound time and attendance management system is supported by technical service via the Internet and telephone. Round the clock assistance is provided if you need it. No complex and lengthy manuals are required because of the software’s intuitive nature.

RISK-FREE: The time and attendance management system provided by MinuteHound requires no long term commitments. You can cancel at anytime for any reason. The scanner itself is backed by a 100% lifetime money back guarantee. No risk to you, so enjoy!

ACCURACY: MinuteHound’s time and attendance management system uses biometrics. This means users are not by name or number. They must provide their fingerprint in order to use the time clock.

The above list makes the benefits of MinuteHound clear. Why not give this software a try today? It will help you to save time and money. The time and attendance management system is the clear choice for all small and large businesses.

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