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As a business owner, you are always looking for methods of improving the efficiency of your business. Time theft has been an almost timeless concern in the workplace, and using the outdated time cards, you leave a vulnerability open because buddy punching means that even if your employees are late to work, they can have a friend clock in for them. With the fingerprint attendance system from MinuteHound, the technology virtually eliminates time theft. Over the last century, fingerprints have served as a foundation for identification in crimes, and it has helped us to keep track of people. The fingerprint attendance technology from MinuteHound reaps the same benefits for business owners, but it is only starting to catch on. Hopping on this new system for clocking in and out of work, you are looking at the future of how employees get in and out of work.

Ever had a dispute with a disgruntled employee that believes you gave them less time than they worked? The biggest advantage of MinuteHound is how they eliminate time theft, but they also take care of liability issues. For example, if an angry employee decides that you owe him money, he could decide to take his case to court. Because of the fingerprint attendance technology from MinuteHound, everything gets tracked automatically using the fingerprint attendance software. In that way, you have concrete evidence of how long your employees worked, so there is no room for dispute.

A lot of companies are tired of having to calculate the wages at the end of every payroll. That takes a lot of valuable time out of your schedule that could be placed into focusing on the core aspects of your business. MinuteHound eliminates the need for calculation because it does the mathematics automatically so that you do not have to worry about it. Many business owners deserve a luxurious vacation on the beaches of Hawaii, but because they don’t trust that their employees, they never leave. That becomes a travesty when your own business becomes more of a prison than a tool for happiness and freedom. With the fingerprint attendance technology from MinuteHound, you will receive updates via email or text message when an employee shows up late for work. The best part? This fingerprint attendance technology costs a few pennies per day for most employers, but it depends on how many employees you have.

When people pick MinuteHound, the best way to look at this fingerprint attendance technology is as a solid investment where you will see a noticeable return on what you paid. Time theft accounts for around five percent of every payroll. With the fingerprint attendance system from MinuteHound, you eliminate that problem.

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