Stop Fraud, Cheating, and Human Error With A Time Attendance Clock

How The Time Attendance Clock Ends Fraud and Errors

Have you ever had an employee try to cheat on their time card? Or what about your employee saying they were at work, when in reality they were late or never showed up? This problem is known as buddy punching and it affects all size businesses. In fact, every year American businesses report losses of $148 billion dollars due to time theft, employee abuse, and human error. These problems can be eliminated easily by using a time attendance clock. MinuteHound’s time attendance clock also saves you money by putting an end to time theft and employee abuse. The system also cures human error. Read on to find out how!

One of the many features of MinuteHound’s time attendance clock software is mobility and security. By using a time attendance clock, your employees cannot cheat or cover for their friends. The way the system works is you receive a fingerprint scanner in the mail. Once received, you simply plug the scanner into an existing computer at your place of business. You register your employees once, and then sit back and watch the transformation! The time attendance clock does the rest. From now on, when your employee arrives, leaves, or breaks for lunch they simply swipe their finger. That information is then sent to offsite and recorded. However, the time attendance clock never records the actual image. Instead, the fingerprint is broken down into a set of numbers and transmitted via 128-bit encryption to separate servers.

The Unique Advantage Of MinuteHound’s Time Attendance Clock

Fingerprints are unique to every human being alive. When employees use their own individual fingerprint, a biometric scanner is used so that no one else can clock in for them. The time attendance clock is advanced, however simple and easy to use. It is the size of a coffee mug and paperless. You save space and mother earth! When you implement the time attendance clock in your workplace, there is no way that an employee can alter or change the times they clock-in or clock-out. Fingerprint recognition is your surefire way to save.

MinuteHound's Time Attendance Clock Is Your ProtectionWhether your business is small, medium or large, a time attendance clock is protection against lawsuits. This system provides an indisputable record of attendance which allows your management team flexibility and control. If/when your employees ever leave early or show up late, alerts are sent out. These alerts are in the form of e-mail and text messages. Now, you have documentation on your employee just in case you ever need it. Not only does the time attendance clock stop time theft, it cures human error! It can also be adjusted to record vacation time, sick-days, and any other absence. This will make your business much more cost efficient and payroll mistakes are eliminated this way too!

The Team Behind The Time Attendance Clock

If you’ve had to pay or hire someone supervise a clock-in and clock-out system before, the time attendance clock will eliminate that supervisor position. There are no time cards to keep up with. The time attendance clock is very user friendly. No training required. No learning curves to master. There usually is no reason for support, but since a time attendance clock may be new to you, support is available for any help you may need. There are no contracts to sign.

In addition, MinuteHound’s time attendance clock is guaranteed for as long as you use it. If your looking to dramatically change the way you run your business, then look no further. The features and tools offered by MinuteHound will help you, and the team behind MinuteHound support you. Make the switch today. You will be glad you did!

The Price of the MinuteHoud Time Clock
MinuteHound Time Clock Software Can Save You Money

MinuteHoundNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Contracts. No Inventory.
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