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Eliminate Unnecessary Payroll Spending With A Time Attendance Terminal

In today’s economic climate, companies are searching for more ways than ever to save money. As a business owner, we’re sure you have noticed just how much of your expenses revolve around paying employees for time and attendance. When you write out a paycheck to each employee, it is guaranteed that you will check, even double check that the amount you pay adds up to the exact amount of time worked. In order to do so, it is crucial that you have an accurate time attendance terminal. Better yet, a time attendance terminal that can do the fact checking for you.

An accurate time attendance terminal doesn’t just keep track of when an employee’s I.D number was punched in and out for the day. It has to do more. Unfortunately, there are ways for employees to go about punching in and out when they aren’t on the premises.

How A Time Attendance Terminal From MinuteHound Assists With Payroll

Time cards can be changed and friendly, well meaning co-workers can clock in and out for others that are late or want to leave work early. This would make it appear to you that your employees have been hard at work for their entire shift. You’ll be giving them better paychecks, and they will leave you footing the bill for free time off.

The time attendance terminal from MinuteHound is an exceptional tool all savvy business owners should take a moment to explore. By using a biometric fingerprint scanner, the time attendance terminal requires each employee to be present and accounted for when they clock in or out for the day.

Where an older biometric time attendance terminal allowed the fingerprints to be stored in the system for later use, this revolutionary system does not. This means you will have accurate information for each employee and secure fingerprints will be protected from snooping and misuse.

Better yet, with a cloud based time attendance terminal, you can access employee time sheet information remotely from any web browser, no matter your location. Even when you are taking some much deserved time off, you can check in on staffing situations at your business to ensure all employees that are scheduled are present and accounted for; and you can rest easier.

Time Attendance Terminal Offers SMS Messaging

Imagine receiving a text message or email when employees arrive late or leave early. MinuteHound’s system can make all of this possible, and more. Managers can setup the time attendance terminal with employee schedules. If the employee does not follow the schedule, then anyone who is designated can receive the alerts. MinuteHound’s time attendance terminal is that easy to setup and use!

MinuteHound's Fingerprint ScannerThink of how much money your business can save by switching to the biometric time attendance terminal from MinuteHound. You’ll never again pay absent employees for time they didn’t work. Check out the time clock calculator to see how much money you can keep in your pocket just by switching to the advanced time attendance terminal.

Still skeptical? MinuteHound offers a risk free guarantee for peace of mind. The time attendance terminals will make your life easier and save you money. You don’t need extensive training to use, just load the software and get started! Review, process, and write payroll faster and more accurately than ever before. You’ll wonder why you didn’t make the switch sooner!

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