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It may seem like an idea from science fiction, but biometric fingerprint technology is the preferred method for businesses to track employee time and record staff activity. Time billing software typically only has ways to manually enter time, or to have the person doing the work record it on their own. Not anymore. Employees and contractors alike can no longer cheat, pad, or fudge numbers. Biometric time billing software means no more “buddy punching,” time clock manipulation, or unauthorized overtime. MinuteHound time billing software eliminates these problems and creates new opportunities for managers to know what’s happening with their employees in real time from anywhere in the world.

MinuteHound is time billing software with a difference. The digital fingerprint reader works with any PC or POS system. It requires no training of employees. Literally, all they have to do is place their finger on the pad to be acknowledged in the system automatically.

Time Billing Software-Biometric Advantages for Business

But while MinuteHound is simple to use, it is powerful. By requiring the actual fingerprint of the employee every time he or she punches in or out, the time billing software makes it impossible for anyone but the employee to punch in or out. That means no one can have a friend do it or change the information. The employee’s unique fingerprint is needed. All information is instantly transferred to the MinuteHound system on the cloud. No one can hack into your computer to change information because that information isn’t on your computer!

That’s not all cloud computing does for MinuteHound time billing software. It also means that a manager can view personnel data in real time from a computer anywhere in the world. On vacation in Jamaica with a smart phone? You can check to see if your employee back in Kalamazoo went home early. In Russia opening a new location? Just log in on any Internet computer and see if a certain employee has shown up for work. Time billing software is safe, fast, and completely incorruptible by even the most tech-savvy employees if they’re not given access to the system by you.

Build Your Success With Time Billing SoftwareEvery time you use time billing software over any other system, you save up to 8% off of payroll expenses. That is an instant and automatic savings from your payroll operation. It literally could not be easier to use MinuteHound time billing software.

Time Billing Software- Risk Free and a True Solution

Finally, if you’re looking to get better control over how your employees clock in and out, you can try MinuteHound time billing software risk free. There is no obligation for you to buy the package. But once you’ve tried it, you’re going to wonder how any business can afford to throw away money like you used to do!

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