Biometrics Time Attendance- Foolproof And Easy To Use Technology

Biometrics Help Companies Cut Down on Timecard Fraud and Save Money

Every business with manual time clocks runs into timecard problems. Employees clock in and out for each other, people arrive late and leave early, and companies lose money because of these and other fraudulent actions. On the other side of the coin, honest employees are shorted hours many times because of faulty equipment or human error in calculation. No one wins. MinuteHound has changed all that with its cutting-edge system: biometrics time attendance.

Biometrics time attendance involves three simple things:
-A computer
A fingerprint scanner
-An internet connection

Employees use their fingerprints to clock in and out, and one can instantly see the first benefit. Using biometrics time attendance, it is impossible to “punch your buddy’s timecard.” Fraud simply disappears. Everyone is held accountable, even salaried employees. Managers can prove their own transparency to their employees, and morale will rise when workers feel they are a manager’s equal. Biometrics time attendance is also extremely secure, which is crucial in today’s world of hacking and cyberspace attacks. The biometrics time attendance system splits the data into four, 128-bit encrypted segments. Then, it sends each segment of data to a different server. Neither the computer to which the scanner is attached nor the scanner itself ever stores any fingerprints, so it is impossible to steal anyone’s print for ill-gotten gain.

Biometrics Time Attendance: Real Time Live Reporting

Biometrics Time AttendanceBiometrics time attendance is also convenient. A manager can log in from anywhere he or she has access to a computer and an internet connection. It is easy to control staffing and call people in when it is busy or send them home when it is dull because MinuteHound data is real-time. When taken in combination, fraud and inefficient payroll cost companies more than $140 billion dollars every year. Payroll is a snap with biometrics time attendance software. Because the in and out times are centrally-controlled by MinuteHound’s servers, there is no variance. Accuracy improves because everyone uses the same virtual timeclock for biometrics time attendance.

Not only will a business save money by eliminating fraud and inefficiency, it will also not break the bank getting started because MinuteHound’s biometrics time attendance software costs $1.00 per employee and $5.00 per location. We also want everyone to be happy with our biometrics time attendance products; therefore, we guarantee them. If you do not like them, send them back, and that will be that. We will even pay for the return shipping.

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Biometric Time & AttendanceNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
MinuteHound Biometrics Time Attendance.

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