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Time Card Calculator with Lunch Helps Reduce Time Theft

Lunch is a popular time for theft to occur. When an employee goes out for his or her lunch, he or she is supposed to clock out as soon as his or her lunch begins and then clock back in immediately when it ends and he or she goes back to work. Because time theft is defined as an employee being paid for working time that was never actually worked, clocking in after an employee’s lunch has begun or before he or she goes back to work is a sadly common occurrence. Employees are also able to have friends clock back in for them when they are actually not there. Using a time card calculator with lunch will greatly help reduce this time theft.

How it works
When using a biometric time card calculator with lunch, an employee will have to scan his or her fingerprint in order to have the system register that he or she is coming to work or leaving work from lunch. The scanner will record the time at which the fingerprint was scanned and send that information to a cloud. An employer will be able to input the amount of lunch that an employee is supposed to receive and check that with the information gathered by the time card calculator with lunch. Certain settings can be arranged that will cause notifications to be sent to the employer should the employee take a lunch that is too long or too short. Using a time card calculator with lunch will result in a great deal less time theft around lunchtime, saving companies hundreds of thousands of dollars every year.

MinuteHound Fingerprint Time ClockUsing a biometric time card calculator with lunch also cuts down on the amount of buddy punching that occurs. This is important because it is impossible for a person to share his or her fingerprints with another person. A normal time card calculator with lunch can be tricked by sharing employee identification numbers with other people or sharing punch cards with other people. This is critical because if these two options are no longer available, then it is impossible for buddy punching to occur. As a result, the time card calculator with lunch is an extremely easy way to save a great deal of money.

How Much it Costs
The first factor that needs to be looked at is the number of branches that a company using a time card calculator with lunch has. This is because each of these branches will need to purchase a time card calculator for $99.95. Then, it will cost approximately $1 per employee per month to use the system. After that, there is a basic branch fee of $5.

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