Employee Attendance System: Collect, Organize, And Record Information

This Employee Attendance System Will Change Your Workplace

Keeping accurate records for payroll and attendance can be nothing short of a stressful nightmare that keeps repeating. Most employees are happily robbing their employers of work hours either by having a friend punch them in when they’re late, punching them out later when they leave early, or getting unauthorized overtime. These are perfect examples of time theft. An employee attendance system that uses fingerprint recognition is your surefire way to end time theft once and for all. Whether for salaried workers, for hourly staff, or even just for attendance, this is the employee attendance system that will take out fraud and the stress for the business owner.

It’s fool-proof and easy, and with 24/7 customer support and outstanding guarantees, you can’t lose. MinuteHound’s employee attendance system will save you large amounts of money and make this part of running your business something you don’t need to worry about anymore. Payroll will become a breeze. No more wasted time. No more wasted money. Accurate pay for accurate work. Once you incorporate MinuteHound’s employee attendance system, you will notice a change within days of use.

MinuteHound’s employee attendance system is state-of-the-art, but user friendly. The main problems with traditional time clocks are that they don’t know who is using them. Anyone can punch in for anyone else, and this problem is so widespread there’s even a term for it: Buddy Punching. Buddy Punching robs American business owners of billions of unearned dollars every year. Chances are your employees are doing it also, on a weekly basis or just now and then. Why not? It’s hard to prove fraud unless you’re standing by the time clock, and that would be another waste of time. The employee attendance system is your everyday solution.

The Guarantees That Come With This Employee Attendance System

MinuteHound's Employee Attendance System Uses 128-Bit Data EncryptionUsing a card to swipe or password or sign-in sheet is an invitation for anyone to do whatever they want. The timekeeping system of the future is biometric. It uses fingerprints. MinuteHound’s employee attendance system uses technology to track time, not the honor system. Fingerprints are never stored and they are fully encrypted, so identity theft is impossible. Employees enter the workplace, touch their fingertip to a small scanner, and that’s it. Fraud is gone. Corruption is over. You are now paying your employees exactly what they should get, which means you’ll be seeing savings immediately. In fact, MinuteHound’s employee attendance system may start paying for itself.

Now you’ll read about the numerous other features that MinuteHound’s employee attendance system comes with. Unmatched by any other company is MinuteHound’s 100% money back guarantee. There are no contracts to sign. There is no fancy jargon to figure out. No extra supplies are needed, no staff is required to run the employee attendance system. It works with your current payroll program. MinuteHound data can be exported to allow import into accounting systems commonly used by many companies.

The Many Features and Benefits of MinuteHound’s Employee Attendance System

Green Technology Saves You MoneyThe employee attendance system is also Green. It’s paperless and the scanner itself is the size of a coffee mug. You get alerts if an employee is late or leaves early. E-mail and text alerts are sent to designated managers when your employees “forget” to clock in or out. These notifications help you manage your employees round the clock, whether your in the office or not. From anywhere in the world via the internet, you can see who is in, when they got there, and when they left. It’s plug and play. Simply remove the scanner from the box, register your staff, and start using it. No training is necessary. The employee attendance system not only records your information, but gives you access to it anytime, from anywhere.

Keeping a business afloat today is hard work. You have big problems to solve. Buddy punching doesn’t need to be one of them now, for you have MinuteHound’s employee attendance system. You need all the advantages you can get. This system works as hard as you do. There is no risk. There is nothing to lose. The benefits are huge. The money you’ll save with this extraordinary system is obvious. You’re not using computer systems that are over thirty years old, so stop using a time clock that was invented then. You know the flaws. They’re costing you money you need to reinvest into your business. MinuteHound’s employee attendance system is the one you need to improve your workplace and your bottom line.

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MinuteHoundNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Contracts. No Inventory.
MinuteHound Employee Attendance System: Collect. Organize. Record. Access It From Anywhere! Put Technology To Work For You!

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