Time Clock Deals: True Business Solution Saves Money, Reduces Costs

Time Clock Deals: Big Savings Await You!

If your looking for time clock deals, you have come to the right place! If you suspect that employees haven’t been 100 percent honest, and you’re slowly watching the pennies drain from your account, then MinuteHound is for you. MinuteHound is a higher level of time keeping software, which is also low-cost and effective. If your searching for time clock deals, then look no further. At $1.00 per employee, MinuteHound is affordable to all.

Why does MinuteHound fall into the category of time clock deals? Well, MinuteHound is committed to providing you with a package that fits your budgetary needs. It’s not a one size fits all type of situation. For example, a subscription to suit a business with 20 employees and one branch will cost $24.95 per month. As the number of employees and branches rise, you’ll see that MinuteHound is truly one of the best time clock deals. Are you wondering if this system is worth the extra money? Well, just look at the money you have lost from employees sneaking in and out of the office too late or too early. After doing that, you’ll know the answer.

Time Clock Deals That Save You Money

The time clock deals effect becomes even stronger upon looking at the MinuteHound fingerprint scanner’s price. At one point, this item cost $499.95. However, purchase it right now, and you’ll receive a huge discount with the one time fee of $99.95! This fingerprint scanner comes with a six foot long USB cord. Please note that one of these devices will be required at each branch.

Time Clock Deals That Benefit All BusinessesOf course, if you feel that multiple fingerprint scanners would be best suited for each branch, consider purchasing more. Speak with a consultant at MinuteHound to figure out the best plan for the needs of your business or company. These time clock deals benefit all businesses, regardless of size or industry.

Some companies will nickel and dime you for every last thing. They may claim to provide time clock deals, but, in the end, they just wind up costing you even more money. However, when you need MinuteHound, the staff is there to serve you. Available whenever you need help, you can call up customer service to help you through any problems or concerns. When you hear the phrase “time clock deals,” be sure to think of MinuteHound immediately. The company offers time clock deals you simply don’t want to miss.

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