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Time Clock FAQ: What Is It?

MinuteHound is a time clock software solution. Employees clock-in, out, and take breaks using a USB fingerprint device connected to any computer. By using fingerprints as a form of verification employers, owners, and managers are guaranteed accuracy. Time theft, payroll abuse, human error, and fraud are eliminated. With a computer and internet connection MinuteHound becomes a foolproof and flawless employee attendance system.

Time Clock FAQ: Is Using Fingerprints Safe?
Images are NEVER stored. Every fingerprint is broken down and sent to offsite servers using 128-bit encryption. This makes it impossible to tell whose finger it is. Physical theft or damage from fire, smoke, or water is never a possibility. Names are saved on a separate server and you are not required to enter a name if you choose not too. You have the option to use an employee ID number if you so choose.

Time Clock FAQ: Protection Against Lawsuits?
Using a biometric fingerprint scanner has added benefits. Regardless of size, service or product all businesses have the added benefit of protection against certain types of lawsuits. MinuteHound provides an irrefutable record of attendance. You will never over or under pay staff. Within a few clicks, you can access employees work history down to the second.

Time Clock FAQ: Holidays and Sick-Days?

Designated managers at any time can view and edit information. Sick-days, call-off’s, holiday and vacation are easy to add and track. The process is simple and is easily done by using the “Add/Edit” button in the time sheet of the employee through MinuteHound’s secure web portal.

Time Clock FAQ: Which Finger Do I Use?
It is recommended to use the index finger for males and thumbs for females.
Time Clock FAQ: Time is Money. Save With MinuteHound
Time Clock FAQ: What’s The Price? How Much Does it Cost?
$1.00 per employee
$5.00 per location/branch
$99.95(One time fee) for the USB biometric fingerprint scanner. This is backed with a 100% lifetime money back guarantee. Pay once and never again.
Lifetime Updates: Included
Service/Tech Support: Included
24/7 Access: Included
6ft USB Cord: Included
Setup Fee: None
Cancellation Fees: None
Total Subscription Examples:
1,000 Employees and 300 Branches = $2,499.95
2,000 Employees and 10 Branches = $2,049.95
400 Employees and 40 Branches = $699.95
20 Employees and 1 Branch = $24.95

A typical business realizes an ROI (Return on Investment) of 2,300% when making the switch to MinuteHound. From day one – the system pays for itself. Call us at (800) 351-7237.

Time Clock FAQ: How Much Is Shipping and Handling?
Free. Even if you decide to return the scanner, shipping is on us.

Time Clock FAQ: How Big Is The Fingerprint Scanner?
The size of a computer mouse. Save money and office space.

Time Clock FAQ: Is It Hard To Install And Setup?
The entire process takes less than 10 minutes. The scanner is plug and play. All you have to do is plug it in, download the software, and follow the instructions. If you ever need assistance, it is available to you round the clock. It is easy installation. Through remote connection and your permission, we can even install and set it up for you.
Time Clock FAQ: Time is Power. Take Control With MinuteHound
Time Clock FAQ: Does it Require Training? Downtime?
No training required. No learning curve for you or staff. To register an employee takes about one minute. After that, an employee clocks in and out with their finger in under 2 seconds.

Time Clock FAQ: Is There A Long Term Commitment?
No, you can cancel at anytime. No hidden or cancellation fees.

Time Clock FAQ: How Many People Use MinuteHound?
Over 150,000 daily users and growing everyday.

Time Clock FAQ: Who Uses It? What Type of Company?
Small, medium, and large businesses including: dentists, attorneys, retail, fitness, hourly, salary, accountants, restaurants, security, industrial, and just about any other business you can think of.

Time Clock FAQ: Key Benefits and Features

This short time clock FAQ cannot possibly answer or address all the benefits of MinuteHound. The system features an alert system to keep you informed 24/7. It is 100% paperless. The full time clock FAQ will answer and make you aware of so many great features your not even thinking of. All of the details are included such as speed, capacity, and so much more. Of course, if you have any questions the time clock FAQ does not answer please shoot us an E-Mail or talk to us in person. Sleep well, MinuteHound is on the clock!

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MinuteHoundNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
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