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Cloud-based Time Clock Machines: Futuristic Time Attendance System

Businesses are getting more and more competitive. Cost-saving is no longer a choice left for owners to make. Abuses in time and attendance systems worldwide are known to put a very heavy toll on the company payroll. MinuteHound is a cloud-based time clocking system that eliminates false reporting and yields instant reduction in the organization payroll.

Time Clock Machines Save Your Most Precious Asset
If there is one resource that you will always be short of, it is time, and where other assets and resources can be cultivated and grown, the only means of harnessing the potential offered by time is by managing it.

Time Clock Machines: Effective Time Management Solution
While conventional time clock machines and devices have been subject to abuse and are rendered obsolete, cloud-based MinuteHound reaches out to the future instead and comes up with a solution that is not just smart and intelligent when it comes to keeping and managing your business’ most precious asset, but also compatible with just about any platform in the world that supports Internet.

How Time Clock Machines Work?

MinuteHound offers a simple way to monitor employee attendance. When an employee clocks in by placing his or her finger on the MinuteHound fingerprint scanner, the information is immediately dispatched to MinuteHound’s servers and is then accessible to managers and other decision-makers in the form of useful reports and data that can be used to reduce absenteeism and late arrival from the workplace.

Time Clock Machines Save the Bucks
Time clock machines are subject to abuse, and sadly this tendency is prevalent in just about every corner of the globe. This practice costs your business some precious bucks that are better utilized elsewhere.

Image of fingerprint t&a systemSay no to time and attendance abuse at the workplace by implementing MinuteHound’s smart patented system that eliminates buddy punching, time card errors, time clock manipulation and unapproved overtime.

False and erroneous reporting of time is known to cost organizations very heavily. By implementing MinuteHound, you will save up to 8 percent of your payroll according to the American Payroll Association estimates.

Get Attendance Alerts and Updates with Time Clock Machines
Receive instant updates whenever your employees are late for work. You can also choose to send these alerts to the concerned employees so they know that you have an eye on them.

Time Clock Machines: Attendance Monitoring and Reporting at its Best

To sum it all up, MinuteHound puts all your clocking worries to rest, resulting in amazing cost saving for your business. If you want to put an end to the nasty practice of buddy punching and unapproved overtime, MinuteHound is your best shot. Order today with confidence and peace of mind, as you get risk-free money back guarantee that also covers return shipping.

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