Time Clock Manager Pro Vs. MinuteHound: Review And Comparison

MinuteHound Vs. Time Clock Manager Pro Review

MinuteHound is something new. It has technologies and features that are easy to use, but may be hard to imagine before you try it. To make it easier to understand MinuteHound, let’s use Time Clock Manager Pro, found online, as an example of a traditional package. Time Clock Manager Pro is a time and attendance solution, just like MinuteHound.

Installing MinuteHound, you’ll plug the USB cable from the fingerprint reader into a computer. With the use of extension cords, the reader can be up to 54 feet away from the computer. It can be your POS system, desk or laptop computer. The software doesn’t interfere with the computer’s regular use.

When you plug in the fingerprint reader, a software program will start and you’ll install some driver software. In under ten minutes, MinuteHound is ready to use! You do not need to hire someone to install it or have a PhD. After you plug in the fingerprint reader, all you have to do is follow the step-by-step instructions. However, if you would like some assistance or have a few questions friendly technical support is always available.

Time Clock Manager Pro Is NOT A True Solution

With Time Clock Manager Pro, download the software and click on it to install. Once Time Clock Manager Pro has installed, you can use it on that computer, which is also the time clock. For both MinuteHound and Time Clock Manager Pro, register each employee. For MinuteHound, you enroll the employee’s fingerprint, adding one or two minutes to the process.

This is the biggest and most important difference between MinuteHound and Time Clock Manager Pro. MinuteHound uses biometrics, which is employee verification to ensure accurate reports. This way, accuracy is guaranteed. With Time Clock Manager Pro your staff will clock-in and out of work with pins and passwords. MinuteHound has your staff clock-in and out with their finger. MinuteHound eliminates time theft, payroll fraud, and mistakes. MinuteHound saves you money in multiple ways, and is built for the long term. MinuteHound is a tested and proven time and attendance solution for your business.

Build Your Success With MinuteHoundWhen you switch Time Clock Manager Pro into the time clock mode, it presents a large, clearly visible keypad on the screen. Anyone can use a computer keypad or touch screen to enter employee information. With MinuteHound, press your finger into the fingerprint scanner for a couple of seconds. Normal clock-in time is under 2 seconds. Your staff gets to work on time every time. With Time Clock Manger Pro, other employees will be able to view others logging-in with their passwords and pins. Time Clock Manager Pro is not a very smart or safe system.

Time Clock Manager Pro Falls Short

Time Clock Manager Pro gives reports, summaries and information about which employee information has been entered and at which time. You can use the computer with Time Clock Manager Pro to review information and transfer it to payroll.

MinuteHound will let you know which employees were identified at the fingerprint scanner and at what time and date. You can review this information, create reports and transfer the data to payroll from any Internet-connected computer in the world. You can also connect multiple fingerprint scanners at one or many locations, which all feed into the cloud-based system available anywhere. From any mobile device, you have access with MinuteHound. Time Clock Manager Pro falls short on meeting the demands of most businesses.

If the computer running Time Clock Manager Pro experiences a failure, you could lose data and have to re-install the software. MinuteHound is on servers around the world, always available and protecting your data. MinuteHound is the most secure, safe, and convenient time and attendance solution on the market. Give MinuteHound a try today risk free and start enjoy the benefits of a true solution for your business.

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