Web Based Timesheets: Modern Technology Replaces Office Supplies

Web Based Timesheets You Shouldn’t Manage Without

If you have a difficult time keeping records of your employees’ time at work, then there is a simple solution. MinuteHound has provided a way that can make the whole process much easier. The web based timesheets are available to help companies keep track of their employee’s time. This software allows your company to flawlessly track your employees’ time records. And, it can be setup at multiple locations. MinuteHound’s successful web based timesheets has evolved over the years. This is due to the experience acquired from its use in large businesses. Now, this technology is ready to be used for small and mid-sized companies.

Biometric fingerprint technology was originally developed to be used at military bases, and other high security locations. How does this technology work? It works by scanning an employee’s fingerprint when they clock-in to work, and again when they clock-out to go home. The information is then sent to a remote server. MinuteHound uses this technology in their software, and at no time is any of the fingerprint images stored. This eliminates any privacy issues that your employees may have. All data is stored in the cloud, and you can look at you employees’ attendance information anytime you want. You can also view the web based timesheets online.

Web Based Timesheets Are Available From Anywhere

This amazing and highly secure time clock service and the web based timesheets provide up-to-the minute real time access reports. From anywhere in the world you can know who’s on the clock, and who’s not. As long as you have Internet access, you can make changes to the web based timesheets to accommodate for an employee absence. There are other effective reports and features that will also help you to manage the attendance of your employees. One such feature can alert you when an employee, supervisor or manager clocks in or out at times not authorized on the web based timesheets. A text and/or email will be sent out to always keep you in the loop.

Web Based Timesheets Are Paperless. Start Saving MoneyThis biometric fingerprint technology is very effective. Especially, when you combine it with the web based timesheets and the attendance software. Together they are very effective at eliminating workplace time theft. The MinuteHound software is easy to use, requires no training and has no learning curves. It is truly a plug and play attendance monitoring system. The best part about this biometric attendance system, its saves you money. And, you have greater control over how your business is run and how you manage your employees’ time.

Web Based Timesheets Give You A Huge Advantage

MinuteHound uses a secure 128-bit encryption. The information and data is then sent safely to an offsite location. There, it can be easily and securely accessed from any location on Earth. Trying MinuteHound’s attendance software and web based timesheets is risk free. And, if you don’t like the service, then you can cancel anytime you want. There are no long term commitments either, which doesn’t bother our clients at all, because once you experience the effectiveness of our web based timesheets, canceling the service won’t even come to mind.

If you’re still wrestling with the traditional way of trying to account for your employees’ time, then MinuteHound web based timesheets are for you. Try it risk free, with no obligation. And, for whatever reason, if you don’t like the products then you can cancel at anytime. The biometric fingerprint technology is truly the best state-of-the-art method capable of effectively accounting for your employees’ time, and activities at work.

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