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How A Biometric Time Clock Program Benefits Your Business

Before even getting into specific MinuteHound features, let’s just talk about the benefits of biometrics. Right off the bat, by using a biometric time clock program all forms of buddy punching, time theft, and payroll fraud are gone. Friends can no longer cover for each other. No more fudging numbers or signing in on time when in fact the employee was late. Biometrics have profound benefits, and you see the change from day one. A biometric time clock program will give you greater control of your staff and management even when your not there. Biometrics are safe to use, non-intrusive, and an accuarte form of time and attendance. These benefits are for every business, regardless of size or industry.

Using a time clock program featuring biometrics will save you more money, and in most cases less expensive than outdated methods. Trying to purchase a big bulky machine is a headache installing and setting up. MinuteHound’s biometric scanner is the size of a computer mouse. Employees simply show up or leave work by placing their finger on the scanner. The time clock program records the information, sends it to an offsite server, and reports are generated. Nothing is ever stored at your place of business, meaning no harm will ever come to your information. Fire, smoke, water, or even theft would have no affect. MinuteHound’s time clock program sends all information using 128-bit encryption to cloud servers, meaning your information is never at risk.

Why A Time Clock Program Is An Easy Decision

The price of MinuteHound’s biometric time clock program fits any budget. In addition to price is functionality. There are so many features and benefits to using MinuteHound they cannot be written in a single post. It is broken down into a monthly subscription, therefore you only pay for what you need. At $1.00 per employee and $5.00 per location you can start using a time clock program and spark a much needed change in your office. The fingerprint scanner itself is $99.95 but that is a one time fee. You only pay for it once and never again. Lifetime updates, live technical support, 24/7 access, and much more all included. No hidden fees or additional costs.

Go Green Save Money With A Time Clock ProgramYou can install it on any computer you currently have, no need to buy or purchase anything else. The time clock program will make your time and attendance green. You can have your employees log-in from work or home or on the go to view their own time. No need to print out additional sheets or have them sign-in with a pen and paper. Using biometrics have benefits on multiple levels.

Time And Attendance For All Organizations: The Time Clock Program

Don’t ever settle for a temporary solution or quick fix. MinuteHound’s biometric time clock program is a proven solution for your business. Payroll is accurate and stress free. You can export reports at anytime to Excel or PDF or even your payroll program. MinuteHound’s time clock program also has the ability to send out text and email alerts to managers and employees. If someone ever shows up late or tries to leave early, notifications will be sent out. Mistakes are corrected and errors are gone. The time clock program is your true time and attendance solution. Upgrade today and save!

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