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Timesheet Online: Export Your Reports To Excel Spreadsheets

By using modern technology to your advantage, you gain so much more control of your internal management. MinuteHound is the leader in biometric time and attendance, with over 150,000 daily users. The timesheet online feature is just one of many that helps businesses manage their staff and conduct payroll. Throw away the old time sheets, paper, pins, passwords, or any other system you have. As your employees arrive and leave work, they simply place their finger on the scanner to clock-in and out. Accurate reports means accurate payroll. Never over or under pay your staff again. The timesheet online allows you to use spreadsheets to keep track and calculate your staff’s hours.

The timesheet online feature means your able to view, edit, modify, and run reports from anywhere. You are no longer tied down to your office. From home, work, or away you always have access. If your out on the weekend and want to check to see if your staff has arrived on time for work, simply pull out your mobile device and take a look! Fuel your business with modern technology, and the timesheet online will save your business 2-8 percent off payroll costs alone.

Timesheet Online- Export Your Reports Right To Your Payroll Company!

You can use the timesheet online to not only export your reports to excel, but also PDF and even your payroll company. When using MinuteHound, at anytime you can run monthly, weekly, or period reports. If you would like to use a payroll service, all you would need to do is contact them and inform them your using a time and attendance company, and that you need their format in order to export your reports. Once you receive the format, you will send it to MinuteHound who creates the file so you can send the time and attendance reports right to your payroll! That’s how easy it is. Within a few clicks, payroll is done. Timesheet online and the other features of MinuteHound make your life easier and stress free!

Timesheet Online From MinuteHound!The timesheet online saves you money off of payroll costs, but that is only one aspect of savings. Biometrics will do the rest. By having your employees verify who they are, you will right away rid your workplace of time theft, buddy punching, payroll fraud, and errors. Friends can no longer cover for one another at work, arrive late, or leave work early without you knowing about it. Even if your away from the office, have no worries! MinuteHound is so advanced, it will send you text and email alerts to let you know what’s going on back in your office. Relax, MinuteHound is on the clock! The timesheet online feature, alerts, and biometrics all add up to savings for you!

The Price of MinuteHound, Timesheet Online, And All Features

The scanner that your employees will use to place their finger on is a one time fee of $99.95. The scanner itself is backed for life, which means if you ever want to return it you can for a full refund of the scanner price! Again, that is for life. The timesheet online, anytime access, and all other features of MinuteHound are inclusive. There is no hidden or extra fees. Even lifetime updates are included. At $1.00 per employee and $5.00 per location, it fits any budget. Now, small businesses can enjoy the same benefits of larger corporations. Use timesheet online and the many other features of MinuteHound to your advantage today!

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