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Should You Make a Time Clock Repair or an Upgrade?

If your company is challenged by a broken time clock system and you need to set up a time clock repair service, now may be the ideal time to make a beneficial change. There is expense associated with time clock repair services, and your company likely will be better off to replace an older system with a more intelligent solution. In fact, when you take a closer look at the innovative features and benefits in MinuteHound, you will discover why many businesses have already made this switch.

The Costs of Time Clock Repair and Using an Old System
Older systems may be more likely to require repair services, and there is an expense associated with nursing along an old system. In addition to the cost of a time clock repair service performed from time to time, you may realize that your current system has some shortcomings. For example, some employees may be manipulating the system to inflate overtime without actually working those hours. Others may be covering for poor attendance with the buddy punching technique. These are problems that ultimately cost a company money, and they are highly common with older systems. When you invest in MinuteHound rather than pay for a repair, you can benefit in a number of ways.

The Benefits of Skipping a Time Clock Repair
Plug and Play Biometric Attendance SystemYou can try MinuteHound with a risk-free guarantee. There is a money-back guarantee in place, and you will not have to pay for shipping if you decide to make a return. However, with the benefits of this patented, cloud-based time clock solution, you will easily see why this is a better solution than a time clock repair. MinuteHound enables you to monitor the attendance of employees through real-time, cloud-based technology. Employees are required to punch in to the system with a fingerprint scan, so the problem of buddy punching is eliminated. You can easily see and even receive alerts when employees are tardy. You can also determine if the staffing at your facility is below or above expectations and requirements.

Time clock repair is one option, but keeping an outdated system alive is not always the best solution. If you need time clock repair today, spend time reviewing the benefits of MinuteHound. The features in this innovative program may enable your company to reduce inflated payroll expenses by as much as eight percent, and this is real savings that you can begin enjoying immediately. While you may get a quote for time clock repair service, you can also take a closer look at how MinuteHound can improve your attendance system.

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