Time Clock Repair Service- Don’t Fix Or Replace. Buy New And Save!

Time Clock Repair- Why It’s Not Worth It

Don’t waste time or money with time clock repair services. More than likely, the time clock that you have which is broken, needs to stay that way and here’s why: according to the American Payroll Association American businesses lose approximately $148 billion dollars due to inefficient time and attendance accounting. If your using old and outdated methods at your business, then it’s time to upgrade. Time clock repair services will more than likely charge you way too much to not only fix, but replace whichever parts are no longer working. Don’t waste that kind of money when you can purchase a brand new and updated system. Time clock repair service charges simply are not worth it.

If your using any other method besides biometrics in your workplace, then you’re losing money. That is the simple and honest truth. MinuteHound uses fingerprint technology that will have your employees and staff verify their attendance prior to recording any time. If you and your business use MinuteHound, you no longer have to worry about buddy punching, time theft, or payroll errors. Time clock repair charges are not even a worry, as MinuteHound offers a lifetime money back guarantee on all scanners.

Time Clock Repair Service Charges Are Now Expired

By using state of the art technology in your business, you will see results. There is no need to worry about time clock repair or something going wrong. With MinuteHound, you can call or e-mail for support whenever you need it. Live and friendly U.S.A. based technical support works hard to ensure your success. No time clock repair service required! If something goes wrong, it will be fixed.

Time Clock Repair Services- Build With MinuteHoundNot only is any type of time clock repair service charge expired, but you will save in many ways. For starters, MinuteHound is green technology. You no longer need to photo-copy time sheets or print time cards. Employees can log-in to track their own time and download their individual reports. You save money, and gain more control. Is time clock repair really worth it? The answer is no. And to top it off, MinuteHound is more effective and less expensive.

Time Clock Repair Vs. MinuteHound

MinuteHound will cost you $1.00 per employee and $5.00 per location every month. You only pay for what you need, and if you ever need support, replacement, or anything else it’s a phone call away. When you need time clock repair, you won’t know what you will pay for until you get the bill. You have to pay for parts and labor. Then, all over again when it’s broke. MinuteHound’s scanner is $99.95 and backed for life. You pay it once, and never again. The bottom-line is time clock repair is not the answer, MinuteHound is. Try it today risk free and upgrade your business!

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