Don’t Buy Another Time Clock Ribbon! Stop Buying Old Outdated Products

MinuteHound vs. The Traditional Time Clock Ribbon

You’ve been using your time clock ribbon for quite some time now; however, money still seems to be disappearing from the business account at an astonishing rate. You could’ve sworn you saw the guy from HR leave early last Thursday and the lady at the front desk run in 30 minutes late on Monday, but the time cards are reporting different facts. It sounds like it’s time to switch from the old fashioned time clock ribbon, to MinuteHound!

One of the major problems with a time clock ribbon, is that it’s out of date. Only old fashioned time clocks use a time clock ribbon. On these old systems, anyone can sign in on it. Friends at work can clock in and clock out for each other, so people are getting paid for time that they are not really there. However, MinuteHound uses a fingerprint scanning system. Don’t worry; with 128-bit encryption, this system of clocking in is completely safe. Since MinuteHound requires a person’s exact fingerprints to log him or her in and out, no one can sign in for another person. This issue with a time clock ribbon is completely eradicated with the use of MinuteHound.

A Time Clock Ribbon Costs Too Much Money

MinuteHound also requires the one time purchase of a fingerprint scanner. Usually priced at $499.95, scanners are currently on sale for $99.95. Please note that this deal is for a limited time only, and one is required at each branch of your business. With a time clock ribbon, you’ll need to be constantly purchasing refills. You’ll pay a very low monthly subscription with MinuteHound; however, you never need to worry about anything “running out.”

Unlike A Time Clock Ribbon, MinuteHound Offers Technical Support!If a problem does arise with your MinuteHound system, customer service is available whenever you need it. Round the clock assistance is available. A time clock ribbon could be purchased from anywhere, so you won’t necessarily be able to call up the company for help. You certainly can’t call the provider at any hour of the day.

Indeed, any time clock will help you keep track of employees’ attendance. However, will it send you a notification when an employee leaves early or when an employee is late to work? Will it help you to organize data in a way that makes figuring out wages easy? Out of date time clocks simply won’t perform any of these tasks, but MinuteHound will. After considering all of the elements, it’s clear that MinuteHound, is a much better method. A time clock ribbon just adds to your monthly inventory. MinuteHound is 100% green and paperless. There has never been a better time to ditch the old time clock ribbon, and upgrade to biometrics! Try it today risk free! You will never have to worry about ordering another time clock ribbon again!

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MinuteHoundNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
MinuteHound Time Clock Ribbon: Don’t Invest in Old Technology! Upgrade Today!

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