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Say Goodbye to Time Clock Ribbons

Aside from taxes, some of the only constants in a wage-based career are punch cards and time clock ribbons. On the employee side of things, punch cards might be easy enough to use, but still have their share of frustrations; they’re still something you have to keep track of and can be easily lost or stolen.

On the management side of things, those punch cards can be the source of wholly different problems. Simply storing them, for one thing, can be a hassle. They take up space and they’re costly. Time clock ribbons are another expense: they can be expensive to purchase and difficult to replace. If you’re a manager or a business owner, and you’re ready to say a permanent goodbye to time clock ribbons and other timekeeping hassles, now is the perfect time to see what the MinuteHound timekeeping system has to offer.

Make Time Clock Ribbons a Thing of the Past
For better or worse, the design of the traditional time clock hasn’t progressed very far even after all these years. While that means that replacement parts like time clock ribbons are reasonably easy to find, it means that the device itself is still decidedly primitive.

Time cards and time clock ribbons represent a not inconsiderable expense for companies with even moderately sized workforces. Instead of building a time clock with moving parts that are susceptible to breakage and need to be replaced often, MinuteHound has resolved to make time clock ribbons and other nuisances a thing of the past. With our biometric time clock, you’ll get not only a device that’s exceptionally easy to maintain, but is also simple to use.

How Does Our Time Clock Work?
Quite simply, the MinuteHound time clock allows your employees to clock in and out with their fingerprints. Unlike passwords or smart cards, fingerprints cannot be lost or stolen; each employee is responsible only for their own timekeeping, which can remove time theft and inadvertent errors from the equation.

Application of Cloud ComputingOf course, it’s not just about the hardware. The MinuteHound time clock is backed by a comprehensive software suite that will let you keep detailed digital records of each employee. You won’t need to keep time cards or time sheets around any longer; your employee data will be kept safe and sound in the cloud.

It’s a Matter of Convenience
There are a number of other benefits that you and your company will experience once you become a valued MinuteHound client. For example, you’ll be made aware of late arrivals and early departures automatically.

Biometric technology wasn’t always this advanced, which means the MinuteHound approach is a long time coming. Now that it’s here, though, now is the perfect time to say goodbye to time clock ribbons and your other management headaches.

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