Fingerprint Attendance Machine- Time Clock Software and Device

Benefits of a Fingerprint Attendance Machine

MinuteHound’s software, designed to work with a fingerprint attendance machine, is recommended to eliminate time theft from the workplace. Since biometric fingerprint technology will only register time for an individual’s unique fingerprint, it is virtually impossible to register time for another person. This keeps employers from losing money to employees who may be tempted to swipe for another employee who is not at work. Here are some benefits of MinuteHound’s software designed to work with the fingerprint attendance machine:

1. Eliminate Time Theft from the Workplace
Of course, the primary reason of any fingerprint attendance machine and software is to eliminate time theft. If you eliminate time theft, you can save your company hundreds, thousands, and in some instances, millions. This machine is making businesses eliminate wasteful dollars spent on employees who are not physically at work.

2. Cloud-based Software Works With Each Fingerprint Attendance Machine
Time clock software is cloud-based. Employers love this because it allows them to monitor employee attendance from any location in the world. All that is required is a web browser and an Internet connection.

3. No Time Cards or Inventory
There are no time cards or inventory to keep. It’s all digital, and reports are generated for employers to review. This makes it easier to keep track of employee time.

4. Email or Text Message Alerts
The system is so advanced, that you can setup text and email alerts for staff. When an employee is late or leaves early from an assigned shift, MinuteHound has the capability to send an email or text message to the manager, employee, or both. This keeps employers informed and eliminates human error.

5. Application is Secure
MinuteHound uses 128-bit encryption to transfer data. With this type of protection, it’s impossible that a person could hack the system for their benefit. The system is 100% safe and secure.

6. User-Friendly
There are no learning curves or guidance needed to learn to use the fingerprint attendance software. This means that the software associated with the machine is plug and play and will cause minimal problems.

7. Around the Clock Support
We offer around the clock support to people who have problems with the software and a fingerprint attendance machine. If there are any problems, they can typically be resolved in a short period of time. We offer support from knowledgeable and skilled technicians.

8. Try the Fingerprint Attendance Machine Risk-Free
There is no obligation to try MinuteHound’s cloud-based software with a fingerprint attendance machine. You can try the software, and if it doesn’t work for your company, return it in the trial period. It’s that simple.

Benefits of a Fingerprint Attendance Machine and Software
If you review the benefits of the machine and find that it will work for your company, then you should try it out. There’s nothing to lose, and it could only improve your company’s bottom-line, efficiency, and productivity. Try the MinuteHound’s software with the fingerprint attendance machine and determine how your company can benefit.

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