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Certain industries seem to almost be held prisoner by outdated technologies. Businesses that rely on large workforces, for example, more often than not use time clocks from a bygone era, either requiring honest and error free time cards or slightly more modern solutions such as badges and passwords.

If your management staff and employees are both tired of the hassle that outdated timekeeping technology can cause, there’s a better way. MinuteHound is a world-class time clock shop, offering some great solutions that you’ll begin to wonder how you ever got by without.

Our time clock shop features some of the best technology you’ll find anywhere. For example, you’ll be amazed at how much easier all of your working lives will be when you make the switch to a biometric scanner. Employees will be able to simply swipe their fingerprint to clock in or out, cutting down on congestion at the time clocks in the morning and at quitting time.

Shopping at our time clock shop will also give your management team some much needed peace of mind. Our time clocks generate automatic reports in response to employees clocking in late or leaving early, meaning you’ll spend a lot less time wondering, worrying, or investigating anomalous time clock data.

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Speaking of data: your timekeeping records don’t have to be held hostage at work. Because MinuteHound technology is cloud-based, you have around-the-clock access to your records that can be retrieved from just about any computer.

By making your choice from the MinuteHound time clock shop you can, in point of fact, actually save your business money in the long run. This is made possible by cutting down on human error, time theft, and fraud. Best of all, the one-time investment in MinuteHound products is exceptionally affordable; visit our website today to get a quote based on your number of employees and company branches.

Easy Online Ordering From Our Time Clock ShopWhen you visit the MinuteHound time clock shop, know that you’re putting your trust in a world-class operation. After all, our reputation is only solid so long as our customers are satisfied, and so far they have been extremely satisfied. If you’re still not convinced, read testimonials from managers in a huge range of industries who have all revolutionized the way they their business operates with products from our time clock shop.

Before you go anywhere else, visit our time clock shop and see what we’re all about. If there’s one part of your business that’s easy to automate and get under control, it’s timekeeping. MinuteHound is here to help. Our time clock shop features great technology and a knowledgeable staff who can help answer your questions, solve any problems, and ultimately provide you with peace of mind.

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