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Putting Your Finger on Company Timekeeping Problems: Biometric Solutions

How can a company keep sophisticated and exact employee time tracking records, simply and neatly? With the touch of a finger, any company can do just that; using the biometric solutions of MinuteHound’s fingerprint technology and advanced time and attendance software. This is the 21st century version of the time card that all staff will be able to use instantly and easily. Surprisingly, it will cost the company only a few cents per day to use such a reliable biometric solutions system. Also, it can be up and running in a very short time, with virtually no IT type support or instillation.

All that is required is an internet connection with the biometric solutions fingerprint scanner plugged into the computer’s USB port. This biometric solutions system does not even need a dedicated computer as its terminal. Any company computer can utilize the program while it keeps running its originally assigned functions. The biometric solutions software also eliminates a notoriously sticky (no pun intended) problem: time theft from the workplace. In addition, because it is cloud based, the company’s time information is accessible — via live reporting — from any internet connection in the world.

This advanced time clock program sends e-mails and text messages, for notification of employee lateness or early dismissal from an assigned shift. Since this biometric solutions uses 128-bit encryption, the transferring of all data takes place within an industry-standard level of security. The beauty of the type of biometric solutions that MinuteHound offers its clients, is its invisibility — no one will notice the time clock software as it runs on a point-of-sale computer, a backroom inventory terminal or any other routine location. Since it is extremely easy to use — the staff member places their finger on the scanner — both small and large businesses will want its simplicity, coupled with its sophistication of reportable data.

Biometric Solutions Use The Latest Technology

Build Your Success With Biometric SolutionsThe client, depending upon their company’s needs, may not even need to keep any other time related employee information — the patented biometric solutions time clock does it better! Unlike other biometric time clocks, MinuteHound does not store fingerprints. This prevents the tracing (reverse engineering) of data, thus averting the compromising of employee privacy. In the current climate of identity theft, any limit on an individual’s exposure (and a company’s liability) is a welcome and valuable feature in biometric solutions type software.

There are many advantages to the MinuteHound software, along with the time clock feature. For instance, a designated manager can assign themselves status to receive alerts (e-mail/text) of employees’ scheduling exceptions, which will improve payroll and scheduling functionalities. Moreover, when it’s time to process the payroll, MinuteHound assembles reports; detailing time and attendance information. A good deal of the cost and labor of routine accounting steps are whittled down to pennies per day with biometric solutions from MinuteHound.

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