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Time Clock Software For Business

Technology changes fast, and depending on what a person does for a living, sometimes technology can move to quick to keep up with. That is what MinuteHound is for: to keep businesses up to date so they can focus on more important things, like their clients and sales. Keeping track of employees, payroll, and internal management are vital to every organization, of every size. Using state of the art time clock software to have the most foolproof time and attendance not only saves money, but valuable time.

MinuteHound works in two ways: the physical time clock that employees use to clock-in and out of work, and the internet. The time clock software is cloud based, meaning nothing is ever saved or stored locally on the computer. What happens is the time clock gets plugged into any computer, the time clock software is downloaded, and employees get registered. Once employees start clocking in and out of work, all times are available for viewing from any web browser. The time clock software breaks down all information and transfers data using 128-bit encryption.

How Time Clock Software Works

Once an account is created with MinuteHound, the time clock is mailed out. Once received, it gets plugged into any computer and the time clock software downloaded. From start to finish about 5 minutes. Then, employees get registered which takes about 1 minute per employee less. Then, after initial registration, employees show up to work, take breaks, and exit for the day all by scanning their finger or thumb. MinuteHound work off of biometrics, which means no more pens, paper, pins, or passwords. The time clock software is green technology, so no more paper supplies are needed.

Green Time Clock Software TechnologyMinuteHound’s time clock software is not only green, but smart! No fingerprints are ever recorded or stored. Instead, each print is broken down into a set of numbers. This way, information stays private and is never at risk. Employees simply walk up to the scanner, place their finger on the device, and less than 2 seconds later off they go. It’s quick, simple, and easy to use. Time clock software from MinuteHound is the market leader, with over 150,000 daily users.

Time Clock Software- Internet Employee Tracking

Since time clock software is cloud based, all times are recorded live. This means as soon as an employee clocks-in, managers can view that time from any web browser in the world. Offices become virtual and time is accurate. Buddy punching and payroll fraud are over, as fingerprints cannot be shared. Valuable time and money will be saved as well as an upgrade to office management. The fingerprint scanner costs $99.95, a fraction of the cost of just about every other biometric machine on the market. Try MinuteHound out today and let time clock software get to work!

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