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Stop Payroll Fraud With Useful Technology

Friends covering for one another at work happens everywhere. Even big corporations have employees who cheat the system and make mistakes. Payroll fraud and buddy punching can affect even the most well run organizations. In order to prevent payroll fraud, there has to be a foolproof and easy to use system in place. Biometric time and attendance is the answer. MinuteHound is used in many companies varied in size and industry. Payroll fraud is over and management has the tools they need for higher efficiency.

Employees should not be able to cheat the system to their benefit. By using old fashioned pen and paper or even pin and password to sign in, employees can fudge numbers at anytime. This is how payroll fraud occurs, when employees give themselves extra time everyday. This can add up to a large sum of money, which business owners cannot afford nor should they. In order to truly stop payroll fraud, employees must be held accountable for their actions. MinuteHound does just that.

How MinuteHound Works And Stops Payroll Fraud

The American Payroll Association estimates that American businesses lose over $148 billion dollars every year due to inefficient time and attendance practices and human error. MinuteHound was created to solve these issues and then some. The way MinuteHound works and how it stops payroll fraud is simple: having employees verify their attendance prior to recording their time. This way friends cannot cheat for each other, and numbers cannot be manipulated.

Increase Savings By Stopping Payroll FraudAfter creating an account with MinuteHound, the fingerprint scanner is mailed out. This is the actual device that employees will place their finger or thumb on when arriving and exciting work. With just a simple scan, payroll fraud is over, and accurate payroll begins. No more overpaying employees, and increased savings start from the first day.

Payroll Fraud By The Numbers

The average employee steals 54 minutes every 8 hour workday. Those 54 minutes add up and employers are paying the cost. Payroll fraud affects the bottom-line and by putting an end to it, businesses will notice a reduction of costs. Just by using MinuteHound, payroll costs will go down by up to 8%. MinuteHound requires no training and technical support is always standing by. Upgrade your workplace today and end payroll fraud once and for all!

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