Benefits of Using Cloud Computing For Business- Low Costs More Savings

Business Benefits of Using Cloud Computing

Cloud computing technology has taken over so many aspects of daily life. Not only for business use but personal as well. Popular companies like Dropbox, Sugarsync, and Google Drive are all examples of cloud computing. Basically, the old fashion way of storing and retrieving information was to save it to either a local hard drive on a computer, or a portable hard drive. Either way, if anyone ever wanted to get that information, they needed to be on that computer or have the hard drive with them. Cloud computing has changed all that. Now, someone can be anywhere in world and access their information from anywhere.

Cloud computing works wonders for businesses. Now, business owners and IT departments can save bundles by simply outsourcing their needs. Instead of buying all that equipment, simply pay a low monthly fee instead. This applies to the most accurate form of time and attendance as well. MinuteHound is a perfect example of cloud computing for businesses, as all information is never stored locally, but instead encrypted and stored safely in the cloud. When employees arrive, take breaks, and leave work, all that time is recorded live and available for viewing from anywhere. Safe, accurate, and very convenient.

Cloud Computing For Time and Attendance

Time and attendance is an essential function of any and all organizations. Employees don’t work for free, and unless a business has an accurate method to pay employees for their time, losses can occur. Buddy punching and payroll fraud plague companies, as well as human error. MinuteHound solves all this through the latest technologies. A biometric time clock has employees clock-in and out of work by scanning their finger or thumb. Then, through cloud computing all times are recorded and can be accessed live.

Cloud Computring File SecurityThis is how large corporations save tons of money, by having a foolproof system in place where employees stay honest, whether or not someone is looking over their shoulders. Biometrics prevent dishonesty, and cloud computing does the rest. If employees ever forget to clock-in, show up late, or try to leave early, MinuteHound sends out an email instantly letting managers and designated parties know.

Cloud Computing For Business Costs and Fees

MinuteHound is the current biometric time and attendance provider, with over 150,000 daily users. Costs go down, and savings go up when using MinuteHound. The time clock itself is $99.95, a fraction of the cost of any comparable machine. Then, the cloud computing aspect of MinuteHound is $1.00 per employee and $5.00 per location. Pay for what you need, and nothing else. Try it out today risk free.

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