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The Biometric Work Time Clock Tracks Hours, Holiday’s, and Vacations

Never again bang your head against the wall when conducting payroll! The biometric work time clock from MinuteHound prevents any foul play from ever entering your reports. By having a work time clock in place, your employees must verify their attendance before ever recording their time. This means friends cannot cover for each other, change times, or buddy punch. Biometrics ensure your reports are accurate, and you stop losing money. The work time clock is a full and true solution that is cost effective, and highly efficient. From day one, you will notice a positive change in your workplace.

The work time clock is designed for ease of use and cost savings. Between reducing costs on payroll expenses and eliminating time theft, your business will save money in multiple ways. The work time clock is also paperless, which means you no longer have to re-buy or keep track of any inventory. The only piece of equipment you will ever need to buy, is the fingerprint scanner itself. This is a one time fee of $99.95. You pay that once and never again. It is backed for life, so you never have to worry. You then pay $1.00 per employee and $5.00 per location. That’s it. You start saving from the very first day!

The Work Time Clock Features and Functions

For the small monthly fee you pay, the work time clock provides you with an array of features. If you travel or can’t make it in to work one day, no problem. With MinuteHound, your office is virtual. When your employees show up and leave work their time is recorded live. This means you can log-in and view the real time status of your staff at anytime, from anywhere. If they show up late or leave early, no problems! The work time clock is so advanced it will send you a quick e-mail and/or a text message letting you know.

Safe and Secure Fingerprint With A Work Time ClockNo risk to you and your employees, as your information stays private with encryption. The work time clock breaks down all fingerprints, which means there is never an image or a print on file. No one can hack or steal anything, as prints are broken down into numbers. The work time clock never stores anything on your local computer. It is all stored offsite in the cloud, giving you access to it 24/7. Even employees can log-in and view their own hours. The work time clock is a win-win for everyone.

The Work Time Clock Requires No Long Term Commitments or Obligations

You can cancel at anytime, for any reason. The work time clock from MinuteHound is a monthly pay as you go subscription. You only pay for the size of your staff and number of locations you have. It will immediately give you an advantage and upgrade your current system. The work time clock is the new form of time and attendance. Don’t pay a dime for outdated technology or an out of date machine. Stay current and keep current with MinuteHound, as lifetime updates are included with the monthly fee. Live friendly technical support is always available as well. The work time clock is exactly what you need! Make the switch and upgrade today!

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