Fingerprint Attendance Machine- Biometric Time Clock For Business

The Fingerprint Attendance Machine Will Change The Way You Manage

By using MinuteHound’s biometric fingerprint attendance machine, you will reduce costs and start saving from day one. Right off the bat, you will see a savings between 2 -8% off of your payroll costs. You will be able to export your reports to PDF or excel at anytime. You can even send them to your payroll service if you wanted too. The fingerprint attendance machine from MinuteHound is not like any other you will find online or in stores. For starters, the price is way more cost effective as MinuteHound is based off of a subscription. You only pay for the amount of employees that will be using it. It is not some big bulky piece of equipment taking up your valuable office either. The fingerprint attendance machine, is really just a scanner! This scanner is the size of a computer mouse. Small in size, but huge in savings!

The biggest difference besides price between MinuteHound’s fingerprint attendance machine and any competitor, is the technology that runs it. With MinuteHound, your employees arrive to work, place their finger on the scanner, and off to work they go. Same process for breaks and departures. However, no prints or images are ever stored. This is a huge different and key feature to remember. MinuteHound’s fingerprint attendance machine instantly breaks down every fingerprint into a number, therefore images and the actual print are never kept. Private information is always safe and never at risk.

In addition, nothing is ever stored on your computer either! If the computer broke or got stolen, it would not affect MinuteHound at all, as your information is always stored offsite in a secure location. Not even fire, water, or smoke damage would affect your reports. The fingerprint attendance machine is easy to use, and the most secure option on the market. Biometrics will cure your office of payroll fraud and buddy punching, and with MinuteHound you can sleep well knowing no harm will ever be done to your private data.

A Biometric Fingerprint Attendance Machine To Stop and Break All Bad Habits!

Time theft, buddy punching, and payroll fraud are officially over with a biometric fingerprint attendance machine. Friends can no longer cover for one another. There is no more cheating of any kind. Fingerprints cannot be shared at work, unlike pins and passwords. The fingerprint attendance machine ensures honesty and accuracy in reporting. Employees stay honest, and break any bad habits they have. In order to get paid, they need to show up on time and not leave early. If they do, MinuteHound will shoot you a text and/or email to let you know!

Build Your Success With MinuteHoundYou will notice a change from day one. If your employees are not used to being held accountable for their time, then they might even be resistant to biometrics. Employees will know right away they will have no choice but to always do the right thing. Your loyal and honest employees will love the fingerprint attendance machine, as they will no longer have to watch co-workers arrive late or sneak out the door early. Positive and productive work habits will begin when implementing a true biometric solution, such as the fingerprint attendance machine.

The Fingerprint Attendance Machine Cost Breakdown

The fingerprint attendance machine, which is the actual fingerprint scanner your employees will be using to clock-in and out of work each day, is $99.95. This is a one time fee you pay, and will never have to pay again as the scanner is backed for life. After that, MinuteHound becomes a month to month subscription. You will be paying $1.00 per employee and $5.00 per location. This is how cost effective MinuteHound is. You only pay for what you need, and you can cancel at anytime. The fingerprint attendance machine is the easiest and smartest decision you can make. If you ever need help, live and friendly technical support are always a phone call away. Make the switch today and upgrade your business.

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