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Why You Would Want an Online Attendance System

Read on if you are a business owner who has not yet experienced the benefits of using an online attendance system. A good online attendance system can save your company thousands of dollars in payroll. It can save you eons of time in paperwork. Many businesses lose large amounts of money in the payroll area. They lose these funds because of human errors and fraud. An online attendance system allows an owner or manager to have increased control over the payroll and scheduling process. A reliable online attendance system stops deceitful employees in their tracks.

How Does an Online Attendance System Help?
An online attendance system stops friendly time clock punching and password theft. Companies that do not use a modern tracking systems are susceptible to these two issues. Buddy punching occurs when one employee allows another employee to use his or her time clock mechanism. Password theft happens when employees lend their passwords to other employees. These two sneaky methods often result in huge financial loss.

An online attendance system can prevent badge loss. Companies that issue badges to their employees are vulnerable to badge loss. The employee with the badge can lose it. A lost badge costs the company and the employee money. An employee may lend the badge to a fellow employee. The company may pay that employee for work that he or she did not complete. The online attendance system stops such mischievous occurrences from happening.

The Biometric System and Its Benefits
Biometric Time and AttendanceMinuteHound offers an innovative online attendance system. The system uses a small fingerprint scanner. The fingerprint scanner connects to a nearby computer; it is ready to operate as soon as the user connects it. The unit works by reading an employee’s fingerprint. It recognizes the same employee’s fingerprint after the first scan. The system records the scan in real time and then submits it to a remote server. The managers have access to the data on the server.

MinuteHound’s online attendance system is an amazing concept for loss prevention. The fingerprint system is foolproof and quick to operate. Companies that have converted to this system have reported less payroll losses. The average business can save 5 percent on payroll with the system. The attendance system can ease the lives of the payroll department. It can generate time and attendance reports and save a company overtime for payroll staff. A manager who has access to the system’s remote server can view employee activity from anywhere. The person can scan for attendance issues and make the appropriate scheduling adjustments.

Getting an online attendance system is simple. You can buy one now at There is a one-time fee for the scanner and an affordable monthly price. Stop by today if you are interested in increasing profits for your business.

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