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No other time clocks for sale match the security and convenience of MinuteHound

When considering which of the available time clocks for sale that a business ought to implement, MinuteHound comes out ahead as the best choice by far. The biometric system allows employees to clock in and out with a finger, which eliminates the need for costly badges or complicated passwords, making MinuteHound the most secure option of all time clocks for sale. Additionally, MinuteHound holds a patent on cloud-based biometric identification. This revolutionary technology allows MinuteHound to automatically send a text message or e-mail to notify when employees are late. What’s more, these messages can be sent to anyone, even including the late employee.

MinuteHound Keeps Honest Employees Honest
MinuteHound completely eliminates “buddy punching”, time clock manipulation, and other forms of time theft. For instance, using other time clocks for sale, Allison could cover for her co-worker Brandon by clocking in for him if he is running late. Or Carl could edit his time worked to pay himself extra hours in a week, or manipulate the schedule and give himself unnecessary overtime. While most people are honest, MinuteHound ensures the accountability and integrity of employees by rendering these scenarios impossible. The fingerprint input ensures that only the actual employee is able to clock themselves in and out of the system, and the cloud-based data storage ensures the integrity of the log of hours worked.

MinuteHound Saves More Money than Other Time Clocks for Sale
According to the American Payroll Association, time theft accounts for five percent of lost revenue. While five percent may not seem like much, any amount of revenue lost is too great a cost in these uncertain economic times. MinuteHound is the ideal solution for businesses that cannot afford to needlessly waste money in this fashion. Not only does MinuteHound eliminate the loss of revenue through fraud, it also saves time and money when it comes to payroll reporting. MinuteHound’s real-time cloud-based reports give accurate and detailed reports of hours worked, giving MinuteHound the edge over other time cards for sale.

Don’t Waste Time and Money with Other Time Clocks for Sale, MinuteHound is the Future of Business
MinuteHound is so confident that it is the best out of all available time clocks for sale that it offers a 100% money-back guarantee. MinuteHound will even pay the cost of return shipping. None of the other available time clocks for sale have the safety and security of MinuteHound’s biometric system, the accountability its real-time cloud-based storage provides, or its alert system that leaves it no mystery as to who is clocked in and where.

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