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A Better Solution to the Hand Time Clock System

Many companies today require employees to punch in to a hand time clock at the beginning of a shift and to punch out at the end of a shift. While this basic approach to monitoring employees’ work hours has been in place for many years, it does have its downsides. The fact is that a hand time clock system may be causing your company to lose money, and the MinuteHound solution offers you and your employees with an improved solution.

Hidden Costs of a Hand Time Clock System
With a hand time clock system, the fact is that there is little regulation or control over who clocks in for a shift or how long that shift lasts. For example, an employee may call a co-worker already on-site stating that he is running late, and he may ask the co-worker to clock into the shift for him. This employee will then get paid for working hours when he is not actually present. Buddy punching equates to time theft. It also may lead to unapproved overtime or to a company paying for overtime when the employee did not work those hours.

Why MinuteHound is Better Than the Hand Time Clock System
Plug and Play Biometric Attendance SystemMinuteHound is a unique time and attendance system that requires employees to check in to their shift using a biometric reading of their own fingerprint. This requires the employee to be physically present for the shift, and MinuteHound offers patented technology that allows managers to track the data via the cloud. Furthermore, MinuteHound can notify both employees and managers when an individual is late for a shift. Altogether, the American Payroll Association estimates that this system may reduce your payroll expenses by as much as eight percent.

Eliminating the cost of time theft that is commonly associated with the hand time clock system is just one of the many benefits associated with making a switch to MinuteHound. This is a system that gives managers and business owners the improved ability to manage employees’ attendance and to monitor payroll expenses in real-time. If you have been looking for a great way to reduce the cost of your payroll, you will find that MinuteHound may reduce payroll overhead so significantly that it pays for itself in some cases. You can enjoy the benefit of a risk-free money-back guarantee along with return shipping if you are not satisfied with MinuteHound. If you are ready to retire your old hand time clock system and move your time clock system into the modern era, take a closer look at the benefits of using MinuteHound today.

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