Time Is On Your Side! New Attendance Fingerprint Machine

The Brand New Attendance Fingerprint Machine

If someone told you there was a way to save thousands of dollars each year and still have the highest level of quality within your business, would you believe them? Although it may seem like a pipe dream, it is possible. Helping companies large and small prevent payroll fraud and time theft is what MinuteHound does best. With an attendance fingerprint machine, you save time and money which would otherwise be lost due to inaccurate attendance sheets and fraudulent punches on the time clock.

Long gone are the days traditional time clocks. They are ineffective and highly prone to error. What’s worse is that there are companies who are still using paper time attendance sheets. Not only does hurt the environment, but it is also is one of the leading causes of lost revenue. A MinuteHound attendance fingerprint machine puts money back in your pocket. With a touch of a finger, employees are able to clock in and get down to business. This means no more diddle-daddling while waiting to punch the clock. Employees can actually clock in from anywhere within your business.

Stay Connected – From Anywhere

Business owners also have the luxury of verifying employees’ attendance regardless of their physical location. AS long as you have an internet connection, you are able to see who is working and who decided to play hooky from work. MinuteHound’s attendance fingerprint machine reports in real time, so it’s impossible to buddy punch for a late co-worker.

Application of Cloud ComputingNo one wants to have their personal information exposed. MinuteHound’s attendance fingerprint machine safely stores all private information within a 128-bit encrypted cloud. After employee checks in, their fingerprint is converted into a unique numerical code. It’s then stored where only the proper administrators have access. Your employees private information will never fall into the wrong hands with a MinuteHound’s attendance fingerprint machine.

Installing a MinuteHound’s attendance fingerprint machine is a win-win situation. For only pennies a day, businesses are able to effectively very employees’s attendance without breaking the bank. Another added bonus is that the time once wasted hunting down employees who went MIA, now can be spent on completing the projects at hand. Think it’s difficult to install a MinuteHound’s attendance fingerprint machine? Nope, wrong again! All it takes is a USB and any computer in the workplace. Simply plug and go! No training is needed and there is no learning curve to master. MinuteHound’s attendance fingerprint machine is changing the way businesses operate. Whether you’re a compact company or a mega corporation of, MinuteHound has the right product for you.

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Payroll Time ClockNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
MinuteHound Attendance Fingerprint Machine.

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