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Time Management Systems Get Futuristic with MinuteHound

Mix a thumb scanner, easy software, the cloud and time management systems and you get MinuteHound. Imagine one of your employees walks in the door. They are greeted with a thumb scanner. They press their thumb to it and the data is instantly uploaded straight to the cloud. There are many time management systems out there, but MinuteHound is the first to mix all of these features into one product.

Imagine another employee walks in. This employee has been used to walking in about fifteen minutes early and clocking in to try and get a little extra pay on their checks. They touch their thumb to the scanner and the data goes straight into the cloud. Now, you get a message on your phone telling you that you have a new e-mail from MinuteHound. The e-mail tells you that an employee just clocked in early. Unlike with other time management systems, you now know that you need to have a meeting with this employee to explain your time clock rules so they stop doing this in the future.

Biometrics TechnologyAnother employee is used to having a friend of his grab his time card to clock him in. Normally nobody notices this, so the employee is able to clock in on time without even having to be at work. This employee then gets to work about an hour later and starts working. You have just paid him for an extra hour and he has been doing this every day. That is a lot of money he is stealing from you. With other time management systems, you would take the loss because this can be hard to figure out when you have a lot of employees. But MinuteHound is not like other time management systems and fixes this with a fingerprint time clock. The employee cannot be clocked in by his buddy anymore. It has to be his fingerprint that clocks him in.

Time Management Systems- Real Time Data

Unlike some other time management systems, MinuteHound gives you tremendous control over your data. You can export it into other formats for backup. You can view it in multiple ways. Your employee time data is yours to do with as you see fit. The fact that all of the information is located in the cloud makes MinuteHound, as time management systems go, quite useful in tracking data. There is a web portal version of the software that allows you to log in and view the employee data in real time. You can watch as they clock in and out. You can also know if they are trying to cheat the system.

Other time management systems just don’t provide the kind of service and security that MinuteHound does. MinuteHound is the future, now.

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