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The Revolutionary MinuteHound Timesheet System

Every year businesses find they lose money due to an inefficient time clocking system. What if there was an easier way to track your employees hours and calculate payroll?

MinuteHound saves companies money with their revolutionary time clock system. The MinuteHound timesheet system uses a patented biometric fingerprint device connected to a computer. The data is then stored instantly on a cloud based server. This means live reporting is accessible from any internet connection in the world! It can then be printed or exported to a spreadsheet for record keeping. The system can easily accommodate to the size of your business. So whether you have 2 employees or 20,000, MinuteHound can work for you.

The American Payroll System reports that companies lose about 5% each year in revenues due to human error and buddy punching. This adds up to a loss of over $148 billion annually! Using MinuteHound costs only pennies a day. The startup and monthly cost is only a small fraction of the money that is lost annually.

The Timesheet System – Completely Secure and Safe to Use from Anywhere

And companies can be confident of their security by using this highly secure type of timesheet system. Once the employee clocks in using their fingerprint, the information is then stored using a 128-bit encrypted number. This number is then broken down into four secured servers on different continents around the world. Privacy cannot be compromised.

If a manager wishes to view or edit the employees time, they can access it from any location. This is done in real time using a web browser from their computer or mobile device. Once it’s time to process payroll, the MinuteHound timesheet system runs a report that provides detailed attendance information. Even more money is saved this way. There are no time cards to calculate and hours of accounting labor is eliminated.

Plug and Play Punch ClockWhat makes the MinuteHound timesheet system different from other fingerprint scanning clock systems? Mainly, that it allows for multiple clock-ins and outs using a single terminal. Our timesheet system also has the technology to send an e-mail or text message when an employee is late or leaves early. This helps to eliminate time theft and save companies more money.

No Training – No Learning Curves – Timesheet System For All Users

Even better, the MinuteHound timesheet system is extremely easy to learn. No training is needed. Simply install the software, enroll your employees and the MinuteHound timesheet system will start working for you within minutes. If for some reason there is any issue, we offer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our patented timesheet system is risk free and there are no obligations involved. We service over 150,000 users worldwide. Take control of your business with our advanced timeclocking system and save your business from time, money and fraud.

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Biometric Time Tracking OnlineNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
MinuteHound Timesheet System.

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