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The Problems With Time Management

Time Management Can Be Improved With TechnologyIf your a business owner or manager then you know more than anyone how valuable time truly is. Having good time management strategies and plans increase productivity, which should equal to increasing your bottom-line. In almost all cases wasted time is wasted money, and when you have employees on the clock that money wasted comes out of your pocket. The biggest problem with time management at the workplace is how to hold employees accountable for their actions. Unless you own a very small business, it could be a challenging task to simply know where your staff is at all times.

Most owners have shift managers or some type of system in place just to manage employees. This is not good time management. Automation of daily tasks is essential for quality time management, as you will be able to focus on other more important aspects of your business. If you have the right tools and resources in place, then productivity should increase as well as your savings. So how to do all of this? To start with, record every second. Only pay employees for the exact time worked. Also, ensure your employees are who they say they are. Verification is easy to do these days and will prevent staff from clocking in and out for each other.

The Biggest Resource And Tip For Time Management: Use The Internet

The internet totally dominates all facets of the business world. From the smallest business to the biggest ones everyone has e-mail, websites, mobile phones and access to the web. Now, here is a must follow through tip for time management: use the internet to your advantage. Cloud computing is all the rage these days. You can store information in the cloud and have access to it from anywhere. Time management has greatly improved from this type of technology.

For instance, MinuteHound uses biometric fingerprint technology as a form of verification for your business. This means, when your staff arrives, leaves or takes breaks they simply swipe their finger. Totally safe, secure and guaranteed accurate. Here is the kicker, all that information is accessible from anywhere at anytime. This way, as a business owner you can access this information whenever you need it, saving you countless hours in not only payroll, but also employee records. Your staff can NEVER cheat. Time management is now virtual!

Business Time Management Tools From MInuteHoundSupervised or unsupervised they cannot share fingers. For time management this is huge. Now, you can be where you want and still have complete trust that your employees are always doing the right thing, for systems like MinuteHound are foolproof. As a manager, time management has many faces. Not only with managing staff, but also paying them. Again, MinuteHound is completely automated. Your reports are guaranteed accurate, therefore you never have to manually count or add up any numbers. Time management is now mastered, for to pay your employees with MinuteHound only requires a few clicks.

Good Time Management Means No Overtime Or Supplies

How many times have your employees racked up overtime? Well by using a flawless system this will never happen. Tracking every second and having your employees clock in and out with their finger guarantees only the correct time will be paid and nothing more. Time management is helped out with alert and notification systems. Make sure if your employees ever do approach overtime your instantly aware of it. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

Also, good time management means stop with the monthly inventory. Go green and save big. If you currently use time cards, sheets or badges then go with a system that does not need any of that. Save money and time. Lastly, good time management means organization. From now on, use technology to your advantage and store information online, not in boxes at your office. You can try out MinuteHound risk free.

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  1. Helpful tips.
    These could really help employees especially those who are working from home boost their productivity.

  2. Hi James, great article and I am a small business owner. I am so glad I found this system. Thanks!

  3. Often, managers do all the talking in a feedback situation, something I like to call the dreaded Manager’s Monologue – and that is guaranteed to cause trouble. It is vital to engage the employee in open dialogue; to seek to understand their thought processes and reasons. If you don’t listen to them, you may not get a clear understanding as to why the employee is behaving in this manner (do they lack skills, knowledge, etc). You will also increase the likelihood that they will not listen to you. Great blog.

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