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Clock In Software That Records All Movement

Clock in software does not only record start times, but end times and also breaks. MinuteHound has made it possible to account for all employees accurately and error free using biometric technology. Businesses no longer need to rely on the honor system of employees hopefully doing the right thing. Clock in software does all the work for you. If any member of your staff shows up late or leaves early the system will instantly alert you. A text message and e-mail will be sent to notify designated managers. This way you can relax and not worry about what’s going on in the office when your not there. Clock in software is foolproof and offers so many resources to employers.

For starters clock in software is compatible with any computer you already have. After you setup an account, a biometric fingerprint time clock is mailed to you. This time clock uses fingerprints in order to verify employees. This way, cheating the system is impossible. Friends can no longer sign, punch or log in for their buddies at work. After you receive the the scanner in the mail, all you have to do is plug it in. The clock in software is downloaded and you follow the instructions to complete registration. This entire process takes about ten minutes. No training required. No learning curves or downtime to worry about. Installing clock in software is easy and stress free.

Clock In Software Allows Online Access

After your setup is complete and employees are registered setup is complete. To manage the system is very easy. When your employees swipe their finger, the clock in software records this information live. Nothing is stored on your computer as the clock in software runs in the background. All information is stored offsite in cloud servers. All data is encrypted and secure. Images are never stored so your staff never have to worry about any type of identity theft. MinuteHound’s clock in software is totally safe to use and all users have peace of mind.

128-Bit Data Encryption Keeps Information SafeSince the clock in software instantly sends all information to the cloud, that means as an employer or designated manager you can access this information from anywhere. You are no longer tied down to the office. You can log in and view this information from anywhere. If your home on the weekend and your staff requirements change for whatever reason, you can simply log in and find/edit/update whatever information you need. Clock in software allows for holidays, sick-days and any other type of absence you need to keep track of.

Save Money With Advanced Clock In Software

All the technology that drives MinuteHound’s clock in software is advanced, however so simple and easy to use. In addition, the price points are even more attractive. The entire system is $1.00 per employee. The biometric fingerprint scanner that is sent to you in the mail, is a one time fee of $99.95. You pay for it once and never again. There is no fine print or long term commitments. This clock in software from MinuteHound is truly a spark all businesses need. It is low cost and highly effective. Not only that, but if you ever need support you got it. You can call or email round the clock and get your questions answered immediately. You can try MinuteHound risk free. Upgrade your business with clock in software today and ignite change tomorrow!

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MinuteHoundNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
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  1. Very nice article, James. I am more focused on achieving my goals set for the week and would even extend more time to surpass my quota. Time management is really effective if you’ve learned to manage your time effectively, and without having any procrastination time tracking software is also a factor to make yourself productive at work.

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