How Time Off Tracking Software Benefits Your Business

Time Off Tracking Software Eliminates Time Theft

Monitoring employee punch-in and punch-out can be such a complicated task there are companies that pay staff members to do only that. Tabulating paper time punch cards has been going on for decades, but it hasn’t improved. Such time systems wastes valuable hours in frustration, and wastes hard-spent money in paying for fraudulent punching. A better way had to be found, and by only reading this article, you’ve found it!

Here at MinuteHound, we offer the time off tracking software solution for any business looking to track their employee time more efficiently than ever before. Our product utilizes state-of-the-art fingerprint reading technology that allows for the most accurate and error free time tracking capabilities possible. This eliminates time theft and allows managers to have an outstanding array of reporting features needed to help their business thrive. Our software has many filters to help you find information fast and easy.

What Time Off Tracking Software Does For Your Business

Time to Start Saving!An employee enters your workplace and touches a fingertip to a small scanner. Instantly and exclusively, that employee is punched in. The fingerprint is fully encrypted, securing your employee’s identity. The time data is stored in a cloud so it’s never lost or uses your valuable computer memory. You get alerts if anyone is late or absent. Staff reports are accessible from anywhere you are with your pc.

MinuteHound time off tracking software is fully automated, requiring 0 staff to run it, and 0 hours to train to use it. It comes with a 100% guarantee for the life of the system, so it’s always risk free. Only costing pennies per day, it will quickly pay for itself. It works with any payroll program, and is paperless. Customer service is available 24/7 by email, phone, or on the website. It can be customized for your business. MinuteHound is the best program available, so make it yours today!

MinuteHoundNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Contracts. No Inventory.
MinuteHound Time Off Tracking Software: Track Your Way into Savings Today!

We are confident in our business, be just as confident in yours.
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  1. Yes, employee time tracking is a complicated task as to when he punches in or punches out. We had been experiencing lots of issues to this and therefore had been looking for a nice time tracking tool for our business. MinuteHound Time Clock is the Perfect Solution.

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