Time Stamp Online- Employees Can No Longer Cheat or Steal Time

Time Stamp Online System Provides Easy Reports

Now is the time to get started with a new time stamp online system that will help keep your payroll department error-free. With other systems, the payroll department may have encountered errors from entering in the wrong times off the employee’s time card. Errors can end up costing a business thousands of dollars. MinuteHound has integrated a new time stamp online machine that will save you more money than ever before. It eliminates employees being able to fill in inaccurate times on their time card. You no longer have to have the fear of paying your employees for unexpected overtime, any time they did not perform their work duties, or for errors made that were unexpected.

One way to ensure your employees can never clock-in for one another is with our bio-metric fingerprint system. It completely eliminates buddy punching and stealing time. Also, employees will no longer be allowed to be dishonest about their own time worked. Everyone’s fingerprints are different. There is no possible way that someone could clock-in or out for another individual with our time stamp online system. Each person has to use their own thumb or fingerprint in order to use the time stamp online machine.

MinuteHound’s time stamp online system is easy to install and use. It does not require any special training, or IT professionals, to get started. You will receive the software, a bio-metric fingerprint reader, and a USB cord when you purchase our system. The USB cord will attach to any computer that your company wants to use to keep track of when employees clock-in. We even offer extension cords for sale to ensure you can hook up the system where you need it to be. Your company will be able to use our time stamp online system at ease.

No more Papter. No More Hassles. Time Stamp Online System Works

RFID Attendance System is Fingerprint TechnologyOur time stamp online system will help your company go “green” and save thousands of dollars every year. Our advanced system is one-hundred percent paperless. You will be provided live customer support services to assist you with our time clock system. MinuteHound wants to ensure that your questions are answered at all times. We have representatives available by phone or email for your convenience. Our system is risk-free to try and comes with no long-term commitments. There are no obligations for you business to cancel using our system at any time.

MinuteHound’s time stamp online system will give management access to real time reports from the internet of all the employees that are clocked-in for the day. It does not matter where they are at. This is superb for management that has to travel often. Pick up the phone today and contact us here at MinuteHound. Our representatives will be happy to get your started with new time clock system.

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