Cost Saving Time Track Software Upgrades Your Business

It’s OK To Hop On The Time Track Software Bandwagon!

In the information age, small and medium sized businesses are getting access to technology that was financially out of their reach before. One such technology that is extremely cost effective, yet completely efficient, is time track software. Time track software from MinuteHound offers time and money saving benefits which allow you the ability to focus on more important aspects of your business development.

Imagine if you were able to save an average of 5% on payroll almost instantly. Businesses all over the world are using time track software and saving significant amounts of money for doing so. The traditional method of punching a time card, signing a time sheet, or swiping a badge simply does not meet today’s business demands. Fingerprints are unique to every human being alive. If your not using biometric technology in your workplace, your losing money. That is a fact. MinuteHound’s time track software revolves around fingerprint recognition. Your employees will clock in and out with the swipe of their finger. No more buddy punching. Time theft is now non-existent. You save time and money with time track software.

Time Track Software Technology Advances Your Business

Money is instantly saved by removing the expense of time cards as well as the time needed to calculate hours and pay. Time track software requires biometric confirmation for beginning or ending a shift or when taking breaks. It also allows for instant access to your information from any internet connection in the world. If your employees ever show up late, or leave early the system will alert you. E-mail and/or text messages are sent to designated managers to take away the human factor. With time track software, your employees will never “forget” to clock in or out.

MinuteHound’s time track software is extremely simple to manage and use. Time Track Software Stores Information Safely In The CloudInstant access to up to the minute records are available at anytime from any internet connection. There is no training or learning curve required. A USB scanner is plugged into any existing computer you currently use at your workplace. It is the size of a coffee mug. The time clock software is then downloaded, and your up and running! All information is stored in the cloud, and takes up almost no space on your current system. MinuteHound’s time track software runs in the background so you can continue to use your workstation without interruption.

Time Track Software From MinuteHound Pays For Itself

The biggest advantages of time track software from MinuteHound is the team behind the product. When you switch to MinuteHound, your changing the way you conduct business. It is more than simply going to the store and buying a big machine to punch cards. MinuteHound time track software has no fine print. The price points are simple and easy to understand. You will never sign a contract. There is no additional charges. 24/7 customer service and support are included with your monthly fee. You will notice a change in your workplace within days. MinuteHound time track software typically pays for itself in the first month. All clients who have made the switch to MinuteHound, are glad they did. Now it’s your turn!

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