Time Tracking Software Mac: Apple and Windows Users Rejoice!

Time Card Processing Mac – Employee Attendance

Are you using mechanical clocks and punch cards to time your employees in and out? If so you know the problems—lost cards, damaged cards, buddy punching, and all the other hassles that go with mechanical systems. Not to mention that the data has to be verified and then entered into your payroll system. It might be time to switch to Time Tracking Software Mac based, with MinuteHound.

Using Time Tracking Software Mac
With MinuteHound your employees touch their finger to a pad to record the time they enter and leave. This data is instantly stored in a remote location eliminating time card errors, intentional manipulation, and the possibility of loosing data. Unlike cards, pin codes, or badges, and punch cards, fingerprints cannot be shared. At the end of the payroll period you can effortlessly transfer the time records into your payroll system.

Time Tracking Software Mac Based Is Available Anywhere
Time Card information is available to you on any Internet connected device, anywhere you are. You can log in and see who is working today as well as who came in yesterday and the day before. MinuteHound can email you when employees show up late, leave early, or don’t show up at all. This drastically reduces the time it takes to process payroll and eliminates keypunch errors and intentional manipulation, and all the liability that goes along with them. This saves you money and makes payroll very straightforward.

Time Tracking Software Mac Based Is Available Anywhere
Real time information about who is on the clock is available from MinuteHounds Time Tracking Software Mac based on any Internet connected device wherever you are. This allows you to know with certainty that critical projects are being worked on and make adjustments if they aren’t. Recent history is available in an easy to read format so you can easily spot attendance problems. All with the security of knowing that the information is correct.

Time Tracking Software Mac Based Is Easy
To use MinuteHound, the biometric pad is simply plugged in to an ordinary computer and works up to 50 feet away. No special software is required. For Mac users, a Windows based PC is required and all clients use boot-camp or some other virtualization software. MinuteHound is cloud based which makes using Mac or an iPad an easy choice. Employees place their finger on the pad and wait for a green light to go on. They do not need to see or use the computer.

Time Tracking Software Mac Based Is Simple
100% Secure Cloud Based Time Clock SoftwareWith MinuteHound, viewing and transferring the data requires only a web browser and is done from any Internet connected computer. This is the simplest and most effective Time Card Software Mac available

Time Tracking Software Mac Based Saves You Money
With MinuteHound, installation has a 5% reduction in payroll costs. If you have questions, help is just a phone call away around the clock. You pay for remote access by the month, and no long-term contract is required. MinuteHound has a proven track record with over 150,000 users clocking in and out daily. All information is encrypted and stored on multiple servers.

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Biometric Time Clock SoftwareNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
MinuteHound Time Tracking Software Mac.

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