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MinuteHound’s Biometric Attendance Punching Machine is Revolutionizing the Time Clock

Punching in and out with a traditional time clock is a process that has hardly changed at all since the device was invented in 1888. If your business is still relying on 19th century time clock technology to monitor the status of your employees, consider these findings by the American Payroll Association:

• Over $148 billion is lost every year due to ineffective time and attendance systems.

• Time theft accounts for five to ten percent of all payroll costs.

That’s an average of $1,100 lost per employee per year. Can you really afford to keep throwing that money away?
Unlike a biometric Attendance Punching Machine, a traditional time clock identifies employees with punch cards, badges, or pins. Unfortunately, all of these things can be shared among employees. These systems are also susceptible to human error. Cards or badges can become lost, misplaced, or mixed up with those of other employees. Buddy punching, schedule exceptions, and human error all add up to big losses.

Fortunately, fingerprints cannot be shared. Nor can they be lost, forgotten, or mixed up with those of other employees. The MinuteHound Attendance Punching Machine provides a cost-effective and easy solution to the money your business is losing to time theft and human error every day.

Attendance Punching Machine for Every Business

At the heart of the MinuteHound Attendance Punching Machine is the cutting edge biometric scanner, which can be plugged into a USB port of any PC. Employees can then be identified quickly and accurately by their fingerprints. The MinuteHound biometric Attendance Punching Machine does not store fingerprint images. Instead, it converts each fingerprint into a binary number. This data is then stored in a remote server location. It can then be accessed by you or a designated employee anytime, anywhere there’s an internet connection. This method is also much safer than risky onsite data storage.

128-Bit Encrypted Cloud Based SoftwareThe monthly fees associated with the MinuteHound Attendance Punching Machine are based on your number of employees and your number of locations. So you pay only for what you need. And it’s easy to adjust these numbers, so the MinuteHound Attendance Punching Machine grows with your business.

MinuteHound offers an amazing array of reports from which to view and assess your employee time clock data. Custom report filters can be set to choose specific details to be included in each report. And when it’s time to process payroll, the MinuteHound Attendance Punching Machine has an online portal which enables you to create a report that has all the information you need, in a concise and easy to read format.

You really can’t afford to throw money away on an outdated time clock. In short order, and with minimal upfront costs, you can be up and running with the MinuteHound Attendance Punching Machine. And then, your savings will begin within minutes.

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