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How Timekeeping Systems Improve Security Operations

Pick up any paper and read any headline, and you will realize very fast how important security is. MinuteHound has worked with many security companies of all sizes to help them cut costs, increase savings, and improve client relations. Technology has taken over so many aspects of a business, and timekeeping systems are no different. Most businesses use timekeeping systems to keep track of employee activity and for payroll purposes. In security, not only can timekeeping systems be used for internal management, but also on client sites. Access control is vital, records need to be accurate, and clients demand the best in service. MinuteHound timekeeping systems offer all of the above and much more.

MinuteHound’s timekeeping systems utilize biometric technology, making it the most accurate form of time and attendance on the market. Not only accurate, but convenient. Your able to log in to a secure portal and view your reports from anywhere. At anytime you desire, your able to view live reporting. This is crucial for the security industry as it allows to have an updated roster at all times. In case of any event, you know where all employees are, at which location, and at what time. No more guessing games. This can also be used for access control. Clients and visitors are also accounted for. The timekeeping systems provide an accurate head count of all your employees, tenants, vendors, and any other group you want to register.

Timekeeping Systems Benefits and Features

Not only do you have live reporting, but also cost saving advantages. Timekeeping systems are completely paperless. Most security companies have multiple sites with different needs. However once you upgrade to MinuteHound, you save on multiple fronts. There is no additional equipment to buy. No supplies to order. Time sheets, cards, and badges are no longer required. All you will need at each location is a fingerprint time clock. This biometric scanner is the size of a computer mouse. When your employees or users clock in and out, all information is stored offsite. You can access them whenever you need. No more boxes filled with old records. Now, your records are clicks away.

Timekeeping Systems Feature 128-Bit Data EncryptionIn addition, timekeeping systems are extremely secure and safe. No images are ever kept. This way, you can tell your client, vendors, employees, and whoever else that information is impossible to steal. No information is ever kept on site. This way, physical damage or theft is not even an option. All timekeeping systems send data to the cloud via 128-bit encryption. No one has access to it except designated managers. Peace of mind on all levels. Users feel safe and clients are happy.

Timekeeping Systems Make Payroll Automated

Last but not least, timekeeping systems offer stress and worry free payroll. In just a few clicks, your payroll is complete. There is no more manual checking time cards. No more adding up hours. From now on just send your reports out. You not only gain savings, but so much time. Managers can now focus on managing and not get caught up with day to day tasks that take way too long. Employees are happy for they always receive the right paycheck. Timekeeping systems track all time down to the second. There is no cheating the system. It is foolproof and flawless. There is no training or learning curve. Timekeeping systems can be setup in under ten minutes. Don’t worry about downtime or adjustments. Staff and clients alike will benefit from this system, let alone your company.

Timekeeping systems are not only advanced, but low cost. In almost all cases, MinuteHound pays for itself in savings. If your not using fingerprint recognition in your workplace, your losing money. Your losing time. Stress and worry probably happen more than it should. However those days are over. Timekeeping systems from MinuteHound completely change your office and workplace. Clients love it, and love that you use it. Your services improve, and so does overall satisfaction. This is literally the easiest decision you will ever make. Most security companies we work with don’t know how they got along without it. Now it’s your turn. Make the switch today, you will be so glad you did!

The Price of the MinuteHound Time Clock
Time Clock Calculator
See For Yourself Why MinuteHound Is Top Dog. Compare Our System Vs Others

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