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If you are looking for the perfect timesheet app for your business, then MinuteHound is the company that you should be dealing with. We provide businesses with the most accurate way to manage their employees time and attendance. No paper or pens to worry about! Our timesheet app is 100% Green and paperless. No additional inventory to keep. No extra equipment to buy. Our software is fast, simple, and easy to use and understand. If you have multiple employees in multiple offices or even offices in different cities/areas; MinuteHound time clock software can store all the various timesheet app data on the cloud, so no space is taken up on the company’s hard drives. Since it is stored in the cloud, you can access your information from anywhere, anytime.

This timesheet app technology was actually designed for the military, so they could keep track of who was coming in and out. MinuteHound’s timesheet app is very easy to setup and implement. Your employees no longer need a time card or login information. Instead, the timesheet app is controlled by fingerprints. Your employees enter work, and swipe their finger. When they leave for lunch or for the day, the same process. It is that easy. All the data is recorded in the timesheet app and sent to a secure offsite location. However your employees fingerprints are never stored. Instead, they are broken down into a set of numbers. This is just another added level of security and peace of mind for you, and all of your employees.

The Timesheet App That Acts As Your Personal HR Assistant!

MinuteHound Timesheet AppThe timesheet app works in a way that makes it impossible for anyone to falsify when they were in and out of a building. Fingerprints are not stored by the software and the software cannot be hacked to “add in” a fingerprint that was not physically entered. This means you will know with 100% accuracy when someone has come in to work and when they have left. Your able to view live reports from any internet connection in the world. As a business manager or owner, you literally never leave your office. The timesheet app from MinuteHound is your personal HR assistant!

You can simply log in to your account with MinuteHound and check the entry/exit logs for the timesheet app on a minute by minute basis. In fact, the timesheet app will even send you text and e-mail alerts whenever your employees show up late, or leave early. This way you will be informed, within seconds, and you can always feel in control of your office even if you are not there yourself. The technology behind our timesheet app is advanced, however anyone can use it. This software was designed by business owners, for business owners. Regardless of your product or service, you have to pay your employees. Our timesheet app eliminates payroll abuse, time theft, and human error. Technology is great! It is now time to have it work for you.

MinuteHound Timesheet App Services and Specifics

So why MinuteHound? The simple answer is service, support, and no risk to you. When you upgrade to our timesheet app your not buying a product with an expiration date. MinuteHound has no shelf life. We are working 24/7 in order to ensure your success. We offer phone, e-mail, and live chat help 24/7 in order to walk with you every step of the way. There are no contracts to sign, ever.

MinuteHound Timesheet App: Time is MoneyWe also offer a 100% money back guarantee for as long as you use our timesheet app. The price of MinuteHound is based on how many employees you have, and how many locations. The more you have, the more you save! Typically our clients see a return in their first month. MinuteHound’s timesheet app is literally the best kept secret in business. Knowledge is power, and now that you know a surefire way to save money, the decision should be one of the easiest ones you will ever make!

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MinuteHoundNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Contracts. No Inventory.
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