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How Fraud In Workplace Attendance Is Costing You

Are you an employer who has issues with employee tardiness or workplace attendance? Maybe you have employees who use “buddy punching” to clock in their fellow employees when they are running late. How are you to know what is going on with your time keeping system? Ignorance is NOT bliss—In NOT knowing what’s going on with your workplace attendance you are losing big money fast. Being sure of accurate workplace attendance is key in making sure your staff is productive and you are not losing money.

Let’s face it, not everyone you hire has your company’s best interest in mind. Unfortunately, there are employees who don’t want to work as hard you, and some even consider it a personal challenge to beat you at “the game”. They want those extended breaks and lunches. They don’t mind coming in late and leaving early. Why not? It’s not their bottom line! They will make sure they have a good paycheck and that their friends get them, too. If you have a traditional timekeeping system, you’re letting them do exactly that. There’s no way to really identify who’s doing what as far as punching in. Having an effective employee tracking system in place will make sure your workplace attendance is honest and you’re getting what you are paying for.

Workplace Attendance Accuracy To The Max!

MinuteHound Fingerprint Recognition TechnologyMinuteHound’s time clock software is exactly the right timekeeping tool any sized business needs for workplace attendance. Your employees log in by touching their fingertip to a small pad and that’s it. The fingerprint is never stored. It’s fully encrypted and identity theft is impossible. It’s Green and fully automated, meaning no paper and no staff to run it. It’s plug in and play—there’s no down time in order to train everyone. It’s cloud-based so no extra memory is needed to store your data that now cannot be lost or corrupted. You can sign on from anywhere in the world and see who is there and when they arrived. If you want alerts for tardiness or unauthorized overtime, MinuteHound’s workplace attendance software will let you know instantly.

Now, how about what you DON’T get? You don’t get a contract to sign. Ever. You don’t get to worry if you like MinuteHound’s workplace attendance system because it’s 100% guaranteed for as long as you use it. You also don’t get to worry about customer service because it’s 24/7 and even has live chat so you don’t get too stressed out if you have a question. And, you don’t get a big bill. MinuteHound’s workplace attendance software costs pennies a day. It works so well it begins to pay for itself the first month. So, give up the frustration, the time fraud, the extra supplies, the long hours to calculate payroll, and all that money you’re losing. Contact MinuteHound. Our workplace attendance system is the best out there. It was created by business owners for business owners and will fit your budget, and help you achieve your goals.

MinuteHoundNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Contracts. No Inventory.
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