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Ever wish you could eliminate time theft in the workplace? That’s a common dream of many business owners, but with time cards or spreadsheets, it becomes next to impossible to stop co-workers from clocking in for fellow employees. Luckily, there’s a new technology that is changing that. MinuteHound, a time and attendance software, removes the need for time cards and inventory. The best thing about MinuteHound? Clock in and out software costs clients just pennies a day.

What Is Time Theft?

Time theft comes in a variety of different forms, but it can essentially be defined as a misuse of the employer’s assets. When someone manipulates actual time worked which is to be paid for in order to receive more money than they should, this is known as time theft.

Revolutionary Technology That Eliminate Time Theft

MinuteHound uses revolutionary biometric fingerprint technology that makes it impossible for coworkers to clock in for each other. You do not need training or guidance for this clock in and out software. In addition, there is no learning curve. 128-bit encryption is used to transfer data, so customers can rest assured their data will always remain safe from cyber criminals. Plus it is cloud based. Even if the computer or scanner was stolen, no information would be compromised.

Looking for a Vacation with Peace of Mind?

What if you decide to take a vacation? The last thing you want to do is worry about your employees back at the workplace. You want to play golf in peace! With this clock in and out software, you can enjoy your holiday and receive emails or text messages if an employee leaves early or late from their assigned shift: The technology is so advanced that it can do that. You can log in from anywhere, at anytime, to view/edit/download reports.

Risk Free!

fingerprint attendance system, learn the secrets
What’s the best thing about MinuteHound? A risk-free, no obligation month-to-month service. If you ever want to cancel for whatever reason, no questions asked. Consider it done. No 90 day trials or limited time offers, MinuteHound offers lifetime guarantee on every scanner purchased! MinuteHound provides the best scanners and boasts the highest read rate in the industry. Nothing to worry about and everything to gain with this technology.

Clock in and out Software That Saves Your Business

Over the years, time theft adds up to thousands of dollars. If your company deals with ridiculous amounts of time theft, this clock in and out software will save you a fortune over time. Statistics have shown that people who use MinuteHound can save between two to five percent on their payroll costs. Unbelievable, right?

With a navigable setup, around the clock support, you will have no trouble using MinuteHound. This clock in and out software changes the work environment so that employers can finally fight back against time theft. Want to learn more? For further information about this innovative clock in and out software, call today!

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