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When your business is looking for a new way to measure employee time and attendance, you should be looking at a biometric time clock review. There’s one great biometric fingerprint-based time clock system that is sure to meet your business’s needs: MinuteHound. The MinuteHound time and attendance software makes tracking time simple, easy and effectively. As the biometric time clock review makes clear, MinuteHound eliminates time card fraud, waste and abuse while streamlining your payroll process.

A biometric time clock review also notes that MinuteHound makes life easier for employees as well. An employee comes to work, puts their finger on the scanner and is instantly ready to go to work. There’s no need to fiddle with an unreliable time clock or fill out lengthy time sheets. There are no passwords or PIN codes to remember, just a simple fingerprint. The MinuteHound biometric solution makes life easier for you and your business.

The Importance of a Biometric Time Clock Review

MinuteHound also eliminates time theft from the workplace, saving you money and protecting the integrity of your business. As the biometric time clock review shows, a fingerprint-based system is fully secure. There’s no such thing as “buddy punching” or tricking the system when your business chooses MinuteHound.

Another MinuteHound advantage described in a biometric time clock review is its cloud-based reporting. You can log in to the system from anywhere in the world and receive live time and attendance reports. MinuteHound will even send an email or text message when an employee is late or leaves early.

Save Money. Be Happy! Attendance Software Free!A biometric time clock review system is 100% paperless and is a great way to go green. You won’t need time cards, time sheets or other inventory. Because it’s completely cloud-based, the MinuteHound system costs businesses only pennies a day. And with one click and a download, you’re ready to get going with complete time and attendance information. Payroll is now a breeze!

MinuteHound Never Stores or Saves Prints!

Security is very important in a biometric time clock review. MinuteHound uses 128-bit encryption to transfer its data. It never keeps fingerprints on file, so it protects important personal data. The MinuteHound system protects your security at all levels!

Some biometric time clock review software can be difficult to understand or install. That is not the case with MinuteHound. The software requires no training or professional guidance. MinuteHound is plug and play software. A quick install and you’re ready to go!

For any business that wants a biometric time clock review to eliminate fraud and streamline payroll processing, this software is a must-have. The software is risk free and there are no obligations. MinuteHound also offers round-the-clock support to resolve any issues you or your business may have. When you’re using MinuteHound, your business can feel secure at all levels.

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