Office Depot Time Clocks Vs Biometric Technology

Looking at Office Depot Time Clocks? Look at MinuteHound!

When you are considering a time and attendance system for your office, there are a few options you might consider. These include Office Depot time clocks as well as advanced biometric fingerprint software like MinuteHound. The two types of time clocks are very different for your business. From security to fraud to ease of use, there’s a huge difference between Office Depot time clocks and a biometric time tracking solution.

Office Depot time clocks are usually card-based and confined to only one office. MinuteHound is completely different. With MinuteHound, you don’t need any cards, supplies or other inventory. The system is easy to use and set up. Just plug and play and you’re ready to go after a swift installation! It’s also 100% paperless and a green solution. On the contrary, Office Depot time clocks will probably need you to constantly buy time cards and printer ink. MinuteHound costs only pennies per day from when you first begin to use it.

Office Depot Time Clocks is Investing in Old Technology

Because Office Depot time clocks usually rely on stamping cards or “punching in,” time card fraud is easy. Buddy punching and other time theft can cost your business a lot of money. MinuteHound eliminates this type of fraud or abuse. There’s no buddy punching or time card switching with a biometric, fingerprint-based system.

Small Business Software Equals SuccessOffice Depot time clocks can only be set up in one office and usually have no way to handle remote workers. With MinuteHound, workers out of the office can log in using a cloud-based option. Without using a scanner, remote employees can log in from any internet-connected device with a username and password and start working. There’s no need to reconcile confusing information, because MinuteHound produces clear and easy-to-use time and information reports. You can get a live report of who is working from any internet connection in the world at any time. More than that, MinuteHound can send an email or text message alert instantly if an employee is late or leaves early.

Time is Money!

Because MinuteHound stores its information in the cloud, payroll means a simple download. There’s no fishing for cards or dealing with a physical time clock. The data is all there and ready to go. It makes payroll a breeze! This is a clear improvement over traditional Office Depot time clocks.

Office Depot time clocks may seem simple, but the simplest solution is often the newest technology. MinuteHound’s biometric solution saves money, stops fraud and is completely secure. It uses 128-bit encryption to transmit data and never stores fingerprint information.

Secure, efficient and easy to use, MinuteHound is a clear winner in any comparison. You can try it with no risk and no obligation, and round-the-clock support for the most advanced time clock software available!

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