Touch Free Time and Attendance: COVID19 Safe Technology

2020 was rough and no one thinks 2021 is going to get any better anytime soon. It will take awhile for the economy to go back to what it used to be. Every Business owner across the globe are making moves and adapting to this new business environment brought on by a national pandemic. What should not be overlooked is internal operations. Matter of fact, that is pretty much what everyone is focused on these days. MinuteHound has been in business for over 10 years offering modern technology that solves complex problems.

Touch free time and attendance should be the standard moving forward. No risk of spread but also 100% accurate. Time sheets don’t work and time theft plagues every business in the world. By having a facial recognition time and attendance system you never have to worry about fraud or common human error plaguing your payroll. MinuteHound provides automated time and attendance reports. Payroll not only becomes easy it becomes error free! Saving you money each and every single pay period.

Don’t let COVID19 or less then honest employees bring you and your business down. In most cases, employees don’t even view stealing time as actual theft. But over 97% of employees admit to padding their time in order to not miss out on their paychecks. By using MinuteHound you are also making your life easier when it comes to following all local, state, and federal laws as records are kept on file for you, all digital. Within a few clicks you can find everyone’s time. Try MinuteHound out for free today!

The Price of the MinuteHound Time Clock Time Clock Calculator See For Yourself Why MinuteHound Is Top Dog. Compare Our System Vs Others No training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory. MinuteHound We are confident in our business. Be just as confident in yours. Call (800) 351-7237 MinuteHound today!

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